Merge and Sync multiple iTunes libraries

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    I went back a ways and did not find this asked. If I missed it sorry.

    I have three iTunes libraries that I would like to merge and sync to eliminate duplicates. All three have the some of the same songs and all three have different songs. The two of the libraries reside on individual hard drives, and the third is on my iMac.

    What is the best way to come up with one complete library.

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    Really, the best way is to merge them and then identify and delete the duplicates created. How big are the libraries?

    You may want to check out Dupin from Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes, which is a great resource for managing your iTunes tags and files.

    However, there are reasons why you may want to keep some duplicates. iTunes considers items duplicates if the song name and artist fields match. They may be from different albums, have different lengths or bitrates, be different file types, be live or studio versions, etc. There is no software that can make all those determinations for you. The safest method of dupe deletion is manual. With any other method, you run the risk of deleting something you didn't intend to delete.

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