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Mar 21, 2010
I have an Apple ID and a separate iCloud ID. I've been using the Apple ID for app purchases and been using my iCloud ID for contacts, email, bookmarks etc.

On my Apple ID there are a lot of app purchases.

What I want to do is to merge everything to my iCloud ID( to have everything under one ID.

How can I do this?


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Nov 11, 2010
Carnegie and Ontario
Your only chance to have done this is when you first set up iCloud. If your iCloud ID was formerly your MobileMe ID and not your Apple ID, then this was never possible. Not sure if Apple will ever make it possible. I moved all of my crucial MobileMe data over to my Apple ID/iCloud ID and then abandoned my MobileMe address. Only thing worth using it now for is Gallery, which Photostream kind of does the same thing, but only for a short time.


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Oct 31, 2011
What would happen if I abandon my Apple ID( and used only my iCloud ID(

why not delete the iCloud account all together and just start over? when you do this use your Apple ID to create the iCloud account.

*i did just determine that while you can "delete" an iCloud account from an iDevice it doesnt delete if from you apparently never can do this, but you still can do what you want, if you start over.
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