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    After numerous requests, I finally decided to sit down and create a comparison between these two laptops. Many may ask why these particular two machines, especially a Sony VAIO Z running Windows (ewww ;)) are even considered to be reviewed and pitted against each other. Well one this being MacRumors and the new i5/i7 MacBook Pro finally graced with Intel's new processors among numerous other updates, the Sony VAIO VPCZ1 is the only laptop available out there that features the same performance and weight ratio, as well as being able to sustain at least 6 hours of continuous use on a single charge. With the new 15" MBP rated at 8-9 hours of use per charge, and the 13" VAIO Z with a rated 6.5 hours of use per charge and up to 10 hours of use with the extended battery (which will be covered later on), these two machines offer very similar specifications and can be purchased at similar costs based on BTO options. Unfortunately with the lack of Intel i5/i7 update on the 13" MBP, the machine cannot be compared to the VAIO Z simply because it lacks the hardware specifications to match Sony’s top-of-the-line machine. Thus the only machines from Apple comes in it’s 15” and 17” offerings, with the 15” MBP offering similar portability at a slight increase in size and weight.


    The specifications of the two machines are:

    Apple MacBook Pro 15" LED Anti-glare High Resolution (1680x1050)
    2.66GHz Intel Core i7
    8GB DDR3 Memory
    500GB Seagate @ 7200RPM
    Nvidia GT 330M w/ 512MB VRAM + Intel HD Graphics
    8-9 hour built-in battery
    Weight: 5lbs.

    Cost: $2799

    Sony VAIO VPCZ1 13" LED (1600x900)
    2.66GHz Intel Core i7
    8GB DDR3 Memory
    256GB SSD in RAID 0
    Nvidia GT 330M w/ 1GB VRAM + Intel HD Graphics
    6.5 hour built-in battery
    Weight: 3.07lbs

    Cost: $2799

    While both machines comes in at the same price, we can see that the Sony VAIO Z offers much more performance in the hardware department. Not only does the Nvidia GT330M GPU comes with 1GB of VRAM (versus 512MB in the 15” MBP), but the 256 Samsung SSD in RAID 0 configuration (128GBx2) makes the Sony one of the fastest laptops available. Although the battery is rated at a slightly lower capacity than the MBP, users have the option to purchase an extended battery ($250) that will give users 10 hours of use per charge. Of course the only setback is that the extended battery does not sit flush with the laptop, and will elevate the VAIO Z at an angle towards the user. The extended battery adds very little weight to the VAIO, with the laptop still managing to come in at under 4lbs.


    Well we all know what the Apple packaging for the MBP looks like, so I’m not going to go into detail there. What I can say is that Apple’s packaging is much more efficient as well as environmental friendly, with no unnecessary fluff where its not needed. Sony’s packaging on the other hand does look handsome, but I wonder if it’s really necessary to package the 13” VAIO in a box thats twice the size of Apple’s. Included with the MacBook Pro comes with the newly revised power cord, manuals and Apple stickers (I feel like I sometimes buy Apple products just to collect these), Snow Leopard restore discs, as well as a cleaning cloth. Sony on the other hand comes with the power cord and manuals, and a Windows XP downgrade disc, but no restore discs whatsoever! Sony will offer to create one for you at $40, or you can do them yourself with 2 dual-layer DVD’s. But I’m just dumbfounded on how I can spend nearly $3k on a laptop and have to pay additional for restore discs. And if you want a cleaning cloth, you’ll have to shell out $4500 for the Signature Collection (of course which comes loaded with 1080p, Blu-Ray, and 512GB SSD).



    First Impressions:

    The Sony VAIO Z is an extremely light machine at only 3.07lbs., making it ultra portable and easy to carry. The VAIO Z is made from light weight aluminum and magnesium, with the body and display lid crafted out of carbon fiber. The machine feels very nice to the hand, and even under load the bottom of the machine is still cool to the touch. The MBP on the other hand is crafted out of aluminum, acting like a passive heat sink. The bottom and top areas of the machine can get extremely hot especially under load and gaming. In my opinion that is a good thing, because that means its taking the heat off the components inside, or at least helping in dissipating heat from crucial parts like the CPU and GPU.

    The VAIO Z is extremely light, coming in at just over 3lbs. You can carry the laptop comfortably in one hand, and can easily be transported around in a messenger bag. Even though the MBP is only 2lbs. heavier, it makes a big difference when using it on the go. The larger size and weight can be bulky at times, but shouldn’t be a problem considering all the power you have at your fingertips. The MBP also feels a lot more solid, showing no flex whatsoever when held at certain points of the computer. The VAIO Z on the other hand can feel flimsy, especially the LCD screen which will bend and flex slightly when opening and closing the lid. Even though the VAIO is made out of aluminum and carbon fiber, its hard to tell it apart from a conventional laptop made out of plastic.

    Both laptops are excellent in design in my opinion, and offer some of the latest technology in computer manufacturing. In the end its up to you on which design you like better, but based on my observations Apple has built a much more rugged and solid laptop with a very pleasing and industrial design. I wouldn’t be afraid of taking my MBP everywhere with me, but with the VAIO I’m constantly treating it in a delicate manner to the point where I’m afraid to take it out with me.



    I’ve been using the VAIO Z for 2 weeks now, for both work and personal use. Windows 7 has been extremely stable, and the overall experience was much better than I expected. It does help to note the fact that the machine has 256GB worth of SSD in RAID 0 configuration, so tasks (startup/shutdown) and program launches takes only split seconds. A cold boot of the machine to desktop takes roughly 20 seconds, which is on par with a similar MBP equipped with an SSD. Unfortunately my new MacBook Pro only comes with a 500GB HD at 7200rpm, as I wasn’t ready to spend over $3k on a MBP. Boot up time for my MBP was roughly 40 seconds, and once loaded launching applications was relatively quick. To me the VAIO Z wasn’t that much faster than the MBP, despite have a SSD RAID configuration. To be honest most of the programs took about the same time to launch on both machines (browers, chat clients, etc.). Only loading up Office and Adobe software did I notice an improvement in speed on the VAIO machine. Of course when it came to file transfers, the MBP could not touch the VAIO Z. 2GB PDF files took only seconds to open up, and software installations finished in breakneck speeds. I’m sure if I installed a similar SSD setup in the MBP, performance in this area can be matched if not beaten.


    The keyboard on both machines are backlit chiclet type and are very easy to type on. The spacing of keys on the VAIO have a little more spacing than the MBP, which took me a little while to get used it. Other than that both are very easy to use and feedback of the keys are very similar. The only thing thats missing from the VAIO Z is that I cannot adjust the brightness of the backlit keys compared to the MBP. With no dedicated keys either on the VAIO, I had to launch the VAIO config. software in order to enable or disable the feature.

    Sony is well known for their excellent displays, but I am a little bit disappointed with the panel on the VAIO Z. Sony claims that the screen is scratch resistant, which gives the panel a finish that looks like the displays found on the MB and MBA. At certain angles there is some glare from the screen, but nothing to the extent of a glossy MBP. Colors are rich and vibrant, and look quite nice... if you’re viewing straight on. The VAIO Z has some pretty poor viewing angles, making the screen dark and washed out if you move just slightly out of angle. The MBP on the other hand has much better viewing angles compared to the VAIO Z, with consistency in color and saturation.

    The MBP is also much brighter, while the LED panel on the VAIO feels much dimmer even when on maximum brightness. As a comparison, 1-2 notches above medium brightness on the new MBP is equal to full brightness on the VAIO Z. This caused me headaches when I took the VAIO Z outside to work, because I simply couldn’t see the screen under certain light conditions.
    4/23 UPDATE: It seems like my VAIO was not set at 100% brightness, even though I had turned off automatic brightness through the VAIO Control Panel. I retract my previous statement, as the panel on the Z is now just as bright as the MBP.

    Disappointing yes, as the Sony has such a crisp looking screen under perfect viewing angles and lighting conditions. The VAIO Z has a native resolution of 1600x900, where the MBP has a native resolution of 1680x1050. Fonts were sometimes difficult to read on the VAIO Z due to the smaller 13” screen, but setting Windows to 125% appearance solves that issue. But then again you’re not really using the native resolution in terms of things. On the other hand I have no issues with the resolution on the MBP, and texts were easy to read even in browsers.


    One would think that with the increase in VRAM and slightly lower resolutions, the VAIO Z would be a better performer in gaming. While it is accurate in that the extra 512MB will give you a few more FPS in certain games, the performance level between the MBP and VAIO Z are mostly identical. Both machines were able to run Modern Warfare 2 under HIGH settings at their native resolution, and the same was for all the classic Steam titles. Battlefield 2 Bad Company could only be run at MEDIUM settings at native resolution, but you really don’t loose out in too much detail (as far as I can tell) due to the physical screen size of the machines (13” and 15”). Loading games on the VAIO Z was much faster due to the SSD, but then again that is something that can be matched with a SSD equipped MBP. The Nvidia GT 330M is not a powerful GPU, and this is something potential gamers need to realize. The extra 512MB VRAM in this case does not help significantly in boosting the performance of this card. If you do intend to game on your laptop, especially on the MBP I would suggest going with the 512MB VRAM model. Reason is because some games require to you have at least 512MB of VRAM as minimum system specifications. The extra memory will also certainly help if working with large image files and edits, as well as any 3D modeling or video software such as FCP, AutoCAD, and Maya. The upcoming Adobe CS5 suite will also be quite happy with 512MB memory also. If you intend on getting the machine based on productivity in a multimedia rich environment, then I highly suggest going with the MBP. The increased real estate in screen size will definitely help in that regard. The 13” VAIO Z was just too cramped to be used extensively and intensively, and I would never consider the VAIO Z as a primary computer.

    Hardware features:

    Other than the subpar LCD panel on the VAIO Z, what bothered me the most was the trackpad. Going from the glass trackpad on the MBP to the VAIO Z was like rubbing my finger over fine sand paper (I am exaggerating a bit). The trackpad on the MBP is the best in the industry, and I dare you to challenge me if you think otherwise. Two finger scrolling and tracking is extremely accurate and smooth, and not for a second did I think about having to plug in a external mouse. The VAIO Z’s trackpad on the other hand is better than the majority out trackpads available, but comes nowhere close to the accuracy and feel of the MBP’s. Even though it is a Synaptics trackpad (you can enable 2-finger scrolling as well as other multitouch features), I often found the cursor jitter across the screen, or simply not work at all when trying to scroll. I probably wouldn’t mind using it on the go, but a external mouse is a must during extended use.

    The VAIO Z offers 1 more USB 2.0 port than the MBP (3 total), as well as including a ExpressCard® /34 slot, HDMI, as well as a SD/Memory Stick PRO Duo media card reader. It does not include any Firewire ports, so you’re stuck with just USB for file transfers. And then theres the AC adapters, which I’ll let the pictures do the talking...

    I’ll take the Apple one please :)

    Battery life on both machines are quite good, with the VAIO Z lasting about 5.5 hours per charge and the MBP reaching as high as 7 hours for me personally. This was done with Wifi on, Bluetooth off, screen at medium setting on the MBP high setting on the VAIO Z, and browsing, email, IM, etc. The VAIO Z is capable on reaching up to 10 hours with the extended battery, but as I mentioned does add bulk to the machine. Apple solution is much more elegant while at the same time providing similar performance in battery life. But unfortunately as we all know the battery is not user replaceable and cannot be swapped on the go. The new battery pack in the MBP are rated at 1000 charge cycles, while Sony does not mention any of this in their specifications.


    In the end, the machine you choose depends on what you’re looking for. If you live by the specs and want bragging rights, then the VAIO Z is definitely the winner. With a light carbon fiber body and specs to drool for in a 3lb. 13” package, the VAIO Z is a machine to be reckoned with. It is an extremely capable machine that can handle pretty much everything that you can throw at, while at the same time easily be able to be stowed away into a purse (nothing wrong with a man purse). If you’re looking for ease of use and setup, as well as the ability to run the most intuitive and feature rich OS in the world, then obviously the 15” MBP is your choice. It offers some of the latest and greatest technology available, both hardware and software, despite lacking features that some competitors might offer.
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    Interesting write up but?

    Seems like your conclusion really came down to OSX vs Win 7 which i think everyone here already has their opinion on? Basically I'm pretty sure you would have chose the Mac regardless.

    BTW... You know the Sony has an auto dimmer for the screen right? If you turn that off it's a much brighter screen. Overall thanks for taking the time out to do the review as i'm trying to make the exact decision between the two but it seemed you were not very impartial from the beginning :p
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    Thanks for the review and pics. Seeing the two machines side by side I like the Sony a little more than I thought I would. I would also have to get used to typing on the Sony, but I could live with that. I also like how the Sony is designed on the outside. It is not as nice as the MBP, IMO, but it doesn't look as cheap as I remember some of their older laptops looking.

    I like the speed of the Sony the SSD RAID would make it snappy with file transfers and opening programs. The boot time doesn't really bother me much. I have had bad luck with Sony's computer offerings in the past, mostly with cracks to the display and hard drive failures. But I could easily see myself purchasing a Sony. Not bad for a 13 inch display, though it is a bit pricey for that size display. But for most that wont be a problem I suspect.
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    Good write up, i'm a bit dubious at that 5lbs MBP weight though. Did you actually weigh it on a pair of decent scales?
  5. Perplexe macrumors newbie

    Feb 17, 2010
    Great review!
    The only thing missing would be the heating issues? How do they compare?
    Thank you in advance! Cheers
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    The AG is noticeably lighter than the glossy model. It feels like about a .5 lb difference and if you have a store that carries both you can feel the difference. However I still opted for the glossy high res because it's easier for me to clean and still keep it looking new. If they could come up with an antiglare glass model I would have definitely ordered that one.
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    That Vaio looks sweet as well! Only if it ran OSX!
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    New Zealand
    Thanks for share~ Good post :D

    Glad you chosen the right one :apple::apple::apple::apple: FTW
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    "If you’re looking for ease of use and setup, as well as the ability to run the most intuitive and feature rich OS in the world, then obviously the 15” MBP is your choice. "

    While the intuitive part might be debated (very often it's a matter of preferences), the "most feature rich OS in the world" obviously is a false statement. OS X does not even come close to the feature set of Windows 7. OS X has nothing like "Tablet PC support", Aero, Windows Media Center/Internet TV, support for BluRay etc., not to mention all the enterprise features for IT.
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    this is going right into my favorites... very nice review
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    Should be possible right? :p

    Dual Intel SSD in Raid, is simply twice as fast as a single Intel SSD in a MBP :eek:

    ( that is if OS X supports Raid 0 )
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    I was very seriously considering getting the Z instead of a MBP for quite some time, so this was a fun read. Thanks for sharing, especially the photos. I remain envious of the Z's color, resolution (first ever 1080p resolution on a 13" monitor), graphics switching (that allows you to only use integrated graphics), ports, weight, lid design and edgeless keyboard.

    And if you get the 512GB SSD configuration, Sony sets it up as a QUAD RAID 0! You get an even better deal in some other countries where Sony will do a Quad RAID 0 in the lower GB capacities. There is one problem though: despite amazing efforts by some unbelievably tech savvy Z-owners over at the Notebook Review forums, they haven't been able to enable TRIM on the SSDs.
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    The Ivory Tower (I'm not coming down)
    While it's nice to see that someone actually bought both and cared enough to compare them side by side, the conclusion was obvious without even seeing the two machines.

    If you want OS X, buy an Apple. If you don't mind Windows and want better specs, buy the Sony.
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    Waterloo & Georgian Bay, Canada
    Excellent review! I also purchased a new Sony Z on April 16 and I found it's shortcomings to be the same. Screen was disappointing, trackpad small, OSX experience better.

    However I can't keep thinking about the weight of the Z, not just in a bag but for every day use, desk, couch, airport, cafe etc ... it's so small and light it's so damn easy to grab and start working on - I like that. The 15" MBP can't compete here, at nearly twice the weight and large footprint it's not as convenient to use, unless you're at a desk which isn't really the sole purpose of a notebook.

    For that reason I may consider the 13" MBP instead, it's more similar to the size of a Z, still 1.5 lbs heavier than the Z but smaller more convenient to carry. Not the power of a Z I realize, but I'm confident the 13" MBP even with it's current spec's is going to handle what I throw at it. That includes CAD drawing, photoshop, hobby movie editing, I know the 13" MBP is capable of this I've bought a few for my company, people love it and work them hard - no problems.

    Bottom line in my experience the MacBook's are a HUGE win over a Sony Z, unless you're sticker/spec shopping, from a day to day user experience the Z doesn't come close, screen is bland, keyboard not as good, after a Mac trackpad it's hard to go back...

    Unless you truly need the power I think the 13" MBP is a better Z replacement ... it's closer in size and weight and for many consumers buying a Z size/weight is a high priority ... I wish I could say the MacBook Air is a great Z replacement, but at it's current spec's it won't handle all my tasks, were the 13" and 15" MacBook will but at the cost of weight.

    What's really holding me back is even though I'm so fond of the size/weight/footprint of the Z and 13" MacBook Pro I can't get over the GREAT screen on the 15" MacBook Pro's.

    My choice would be a full powered 15" MacBook Air :) I still can't decide whether or not I'll end up with a 13 or 15" MacBook Pro as my main machine ... one moment I want the larger 15" screen, then when I move / travel around with it I'm wishing it was the 13" ... back up on the desk I'm happy it's a 15" ... it's a decision many of us here have trouble making.

    edit: OP - Didn't Sony Z screens in '08/'09 models look MUCH better than the screen they're using now ... they used to have a good reputation for screens, not this year.
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    I tried not to be biased, but it was really hard for me to go back to using the VAIO Z as a daily machine simply due to the shortcomings in some of the design. Spec-wise the VAIO is a powerhouse, which was the reason why I purchased the machine in the first place. But after using it for 2 weeks, the subpar trackpad and lackluster screen often made me go back to using other machines instead. The Z is a portable workstation, a very capable one at that, but sometimes if you sacrifice usability for portability, you end up with a machine that doesn't perform well in either areas.

    I did turn the auto-dimmer off, but the screen still wasn't as bright. It's plenty good indoors, but once outside its a different story. Thanks for taking the time to comment, if you have any questions regarding the two machines please don't hesitate to ask. I was in the same situation as you, but couldn't find a proper comparison between the two machines.

    The high price of the machine comes from its construction (carbon fiber), small footprint, and the SSD RAID setup. Like when the MBA first came out, they were in the similar price range. Hopefully Sony drops the pricing on the laptop in the future (maybe offer traditional HD instead), as I'm sure there are prospective buyers on the fence that just can't swallow the $2k pricing scheme.

    Yes, and they were confirmed by other users as well from previous threads. This stemmed back to when the AG was first offered on the 15" MBP.

    The MBP runs at 35C for me with Safari, iChat, Mail, and iTunes. The highest temperature I reached was around 77C while gaming. The VAIO Z runs at similar temperature with basic tasks, but does get a lot hotter under gaming conditions (~80C). It may be due to the fact that it has only one exhaust outlet, which is located on the left side of the Z.

    Again this was all my personal opinion, so what works for me may not work for you. If I'm doing emails or browsing the Internet, you can bet that I'll be using it on the Mac side. Most of the features you mentioned on Windows 7 does not come natively on OS X, but the majority of those features can be accomplished through 3rd party software. If I need a specific software to run on Windows for enterprise solutions, theres nothing that vmWare can't fix (I'm a Sys. Admin myself). I apologize if my wording in my review seemed like a definitive statement, as it is not. It was simply my opinion, and I apologize if that offended you in any way.

    Thanks, glad to contribute :)

    OS X supports RAID, but there is no hardware RAID controller in the MBP. Essentially you can setup RAID, but it will be software RAID only. Also keep in mind the RAID configuration in the VAIO Z is software RAID also, which is done through the Intel utility (otherwise known as fakeRAID).

    From my research, the SSD's in the VAIO Z was custom made for Sony by Samsung. There is some sort of garbage collecting algorithm in the drives themselves, so there is very little loss in performance over time. Unfortunately TRIM does not support SSD's in RAID configuration, so you will need to break the RAID to enable TRIM. The Samsung drives do support TRIM though, but I don't see the need to break the drives if performance loss is minimal in RAID config to start with.

    I was waiting on you to chime in, as you're the only person I know on this forum to have used the same machine :)

    Yes, the previous Z screens looked much better. I don't know what they did, but it was definitely a downgrade in this update.
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    Waterloo & Georgian Bay, Canada
    It was a great read, my experience with the Z is very similar to yours.

    I've noticed your posts from time to time, we've gone through a lot of the same electronics, BB Bold, MBP's, iMac's, MP's, similar taste in cars too, except I just changed to a 2010 Camaro SS ...

    So you're without any 13" notebook now, right? Will your new 15" be your use anywhere/take everywhere travel, couch, cafe computer?

    I'll admit I'm still getting comfortable going back to the 15" MBP, the Z/Air size and weight is so appealing ... I run my business from my computer regardless of were in the world I am, an 'email machine' is something I need.

    The iPad didn't cut it for that, sometimes the 15" seems overkill, the Air lacks battery life, the new 13" MBP with it's weight, spec's, price makes one want to jump up to the 15" but at the end of the day I've got a whole of computer -but- it's coming in at almost twice the weight I set out to buy, lol.

    It's all about sacrifices of course or patience until a computer manufacturer blends all of our desires into one machine ... it will come one day ... maybe the MacBook Air a year from now will be the one?

    By the way how's the hires anti glare screen on your new MBP? Fonts noticeably smaller than on your last 15"?
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    Hamster wheel
    It's funny, because I tried to use an iPad too as a personal computer and while its so convenient to use while couch surfing and in bed, the lack of multitasking really killed it for me. The Mail client was quite decent, but I definitely preferred a real keyboard for typing long replies. I still use mine, but mainly for Internet surfing and ABC/Netflix.

    I really wanted to go with a 13", but the lackluster update from Apple didn't cut it for me. I didn't want to spend $1500 on a C2D computer, only to be tempted to upgrade in short period of time due to the age of technology in the laptop. I really wish Apple would update the MBA with similar specs to the VAIO, as I would buy that in a heartbeat. I am using the 15" MBP as a portable computer, and its not as bad as some people would think. I do a lot of coding, so I definitely need the screen size.

    Font sizes are easily readable compared to the 1440x900 MBP AG from last year. Everything looks crisp and sharp, and I haven't had the need to zoom in on anything. I adjusted to the increase in resolution so easily, I didn't even notice the difference until I went back to my now-retired MBP to do file transfers :eek:
  18. entatlrg macrumors 68040


    Mar 2, 2009
    Waterloo & Georgian Bay, Canada
    That's good to hear. Since I spend so many hours a day staring at a notebook screen it makes the most sense to buy 15" over the 13" no doubt.

    I'm going to think more but I'm close to ordering the 15" i7 with anti glare.
  19. maratus macrumors 6502a


    Jun 12, 2009
    Here's what stops me from buying current Vaio Z:

    - non-replaceable proprietary SSD
    - 16:9 screen (I prefer 16:10) with some diagonal lines visible due to backlight interference and viewing angles inferior to MBP 15". 13.1" is quite small but weight/size may be worth it
    - incapable of driving 2560x1600 or 2560x1440 screen
    - battery drain
    - no USB 3.0 or FireWire 800 for fast external HDD
    - Windows only instead of Mac OS + Windows (in VM and BootCamp)
  20. ///M5 macrumors 6502

    May 14, 2009
    Excellent write-up. Thanks!

    I'm posting this from my Sony Vaio Z with Core i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD (64GBx4), 1920x1080 screen, and let me tell you, IMHO, that it blows the Mac away in every single way. I'm not bashing Mac or anything, I'm a Mac user myself, but Apple is way behind here. I mean they couldn't fit an i5 in the 13" MBP due to space constraints (duh).

    It's amazing how Sony managed to design a 13" laptop at 3lb with such specs with a DVD (or BR) drive, 3USB , HDMI, VGA, ExpressCard, and 1GE port.

    I'm not sure about the screen you have there, but mine is so bright that I cannot set it to max, it's always < 70%.

    Windows 7 is going well so far, it's quite stable and fast. I had to use Windows on my Macs anyway as I need to have a proper MS Office.

    I miss the multitouch trackpad though but I'm sure I'll get used to this one.
  21. fr4c thread starter macrumors 65816


    Jul 27, 2007
    Hamster wheel
    No, thank you! I just went into VAIO Control Center, and for some reason Automatic Brightness was still turned on, even though I had previously disabled it. Now the screen on the Z is just as bright as the MBP, and I've corrected my statements in my overview. Thank you again!
  22. Pavia macrumors regular

    Jan 22, 2010
    After seeing the ridiculous size of the Vaio, I laughed.
    And who wants an i7 with 13"? That's just pure stupidity. And by the way, the battery does NOT sustain 6 hours of continous use. I haven't heard from anywhere that it can even surpass 3 hours.
  23. ///M5 macrumors 6502

    May 14, 2009
    Glad it's ok! So you're keeping the Z now? :D
  24. ///M5 macrumors 6502

    May 14, 2009
    Fanboy much? Or are you like 14?

    I need an i7 in a 13" laptop. Period. And for you, just keep laughing, but out of this thread. And oh, try to be more respectful to other forum members.
  25. Hackint0sh macrumors member


    Apr 12, 2010
    Just purchased the Z for my daughter (who dislikes Macs :eek:) as a graduation gift. No doubt a nice machine, but as I played around on it getting the software set up, I grew to appreciate my 13" MBP even more.

    I was thinking about snagging a Z for myself, but after playing with my daughters I think I'll pass.

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