Merging iPhone Back-Ups + Getting back camera roll - Help!

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    Jul 23, 2010

    I have a pretty unique problem, or I need a particularly unique solution, depending on your point of view. I will start from the beginning:

    Yesterday, I decided to update my iPhone 4 to iOS 4.0.1. While it was updating iTunes crashed, when I restarted it my iPhone was showing the "connect to iTunes" symbol & it proceeded to back up from my old info, which was fine.

    Next, it got about 2 minutes in when I got an error message to the effect of (paraphrasing) "iPhone could not be restored due to an error". However, when I looked at my iPhone, it had started to restore, it had a few apps of mine & it was at least working.

    So, I think F-this & I update my iTunes & restart my PC, hoping this would fix the sync problem, which it did. I then plug my iPhone in again & instead of restoring, it thinks "I know this iPhone - Oh, look, he's & idiot & he's deleted all his photos & apps & everything else dear to him" & it does a BACK-UP, backing up over my old iPhone back up & deleting pretty much everything I had (contacts, sms, my work calendar, email, apps, app data, settings, bookmarks, notes, photos, videos, account logins... etc).

    So, now I have managed to re-download my apps, restore my calendar from the back-up at work, & got my contacts from my Google account. But, I am still without my hundreds of photos, which I really want back.

    I tried to find the files it had deleted using an "un-delete" program, & I couldn't find anything except some manifest files in the back up folder. BUT, while scanning this folder, I realised I had an old back up from my iPhone 3G, which would, somewhere, have my old photos in it.

    So (sorry for the long story, but I'm getting to the point now) - I need to know if there is a way (without just running the old back up, because I'll erase everything new on my iPhone 4) that I can find the files I need out of my old back up & merge them into the new back up folder. In a sense, merging my old photos with my new ones. Don't really care about settings, emails, sms messages, etc, these aren't exactly important to me.

    Is there maybe a program that can read these back up files & identify them. Or is there any other way I can get back the data that I need without losing my new data as well.

    Again, very sorry for the essay that is above, but I hope someone can help me out with this, or at least offer some sort of advice. Not smart-ass advice like "well, you should have made a back up copy of your back up", because I know I should have, but like Michael Jackson, it ain't ever coming back!

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me, in advance...
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    Yes, use iPhone Backup Extractor, then put all of the photos into iFiles (great app anyway and if you didn't buy it so far - do it), select them all and save to camera roll - it will look like you've just took them. ;)
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    Jul 23, 2010
    Thanks for your help - I have managed to get my photos back already.

    Would have liked iTunes not to have screwed me over in the first place, but I will make sure to keep a back up of my back ups from now on!
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    so, you might want to explain to the class how you got your pics back in your camera roll. :)

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