Merging .srt & .avi files?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ktquiet, Aug 3, 2011.

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    Aug 3, 2011

    I'm new to the forums but a longtime MacRumors reader! I'm also deaf, which will become pertinent in a minute.

    You may or may not know that iTunes is somewhat unfriendly with distributing captioned movies/TV shows. Many of us have to rely on ripping our personal DVDs or downloading stuff to watch on our iPad or laptops. That often involves two separate files; .avi and .srt and creates complications when trying to watch.

    This works wonderfully on the laptop with VLC player since you can turn on subtitles. When VLC player was available for the iPad, it was glorious (until they removed subtitle support to "improve" readability then the app was yanked altogether). I have yet to find a suitable replacement since. Most movie players do not accept/display .srt formats. I did see the MPlayerHD app recently on the iPad but haven't tested it yet.

    A workaround would be to find some way to merge .srt and .avi into one file where it'd be "burned" on the video and thus needing the capability to turn it off/on would not be required. I've tried handbrake, submarine, and submerge. All have limited degrees of success. I'd gladly pay for software if I KNEW it worked for certain.

    So my question is:
    1. Do you know of any software that can merge avi/srt files into one file?
    2. Do you know of any apps that can accept/display .srt files on the iPad?

    Thanks in advance! Also feel free to email me if you'd prefer!
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    Apr 1, 2007
  3. Peter Franks macrumors 68000

    Jun 9, 2011
    London UK
    I have an avi with a srt file also, but have just read this, below, after a search, and have no clue what they're talking about, Can anyone shed any light please?

    ....But yesterday when I played around with QuickTime, I noticed that all I need to do is open the movie in QuickTime, and if the .srt/.sub file is located in the same folder as the movie, it opens as well (this is well known). However, after that, all you need to do is save (via File » Save As), and the subtitle track is merged directly into the movie file. No extra software is required.

    I have both files in the same folder, but no idea what this statement means, because they don't play together

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