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    I have a document that was previously text on Microsoft Word which I would like to be in a book format on a PDF. In other words, I would like to be able to see two pages side by side on one PDF page.

    I have been able to view two pages side by side at once through Preview, and to print two pages at once through Adobe Acrobat Pro, but I have been unable to save a PDF file of that double page format.

    On word, the pages were in the A5 format. Is it possible to put two different A5 pages side by side in the landscape format?

    One thought I have would be to screen shot the duel view, but I would like to retain the integrity of the PDF quality. Does anyone know how to do this?
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    In Microsoft Word, hit Print, then configure "Layout" to print 2 pages onto 1 page. See figure. Then instead of printing, just use the PDF button on bottom left. You can also do this to an existing PDF file using the Print dialog in Preview. Just make sure to hit "Show Details" button on bottom left to see all the print options.


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