Merom not looking good

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Apple Corps, Aug 22, 2006.

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    Apr 26, 2003
    Here is the scoop from Intel:

    "Specifications released by Intel this week to system designers reveal that the chips, formerly code-named Merom, each have a thermal design point (TDP) of 34 watts -- about 3 watts more than the top of the line 2.33GHz Core Duo (Yonah).

    Intel defines TDP as the "worst-case power dissipated" by a processor while running publicly available software under normal operating conditions.

    The recent findings are confusing, as Intel had previously stated that Merom would provide about a 20 percent speed increase over Yonah -- the chip it aims to replace -- without drawing any additional power.

    In battery mode, Merom processors clock down to 1GHz, yet still carry a TDP of 20 watts, according to DailyTech. On the other hand, a Yonah chip in the same mode has a TDP of 13.1 watts while also at 1GHz."

    I'll wait a bit longer to see if there are other improvements (case structure, cooling system, video card,...). The Merom appears to run a bit hotter while delivering 8% - 12% processing improvement. I do not like the hotter bit though :-( Another Tuesday has come and gone - this is getting to be a long wait for .............??
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