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    Hi There!

    I have a little problem. The message that I have on the Lock Screen has moved to the right. (U know little message that u can add to be displayed @ the bottom of the lock screen). It was always centered. I typed the message when I upgraded to Lion last July, and now all of the sudden is aligned to the right. I haven't changed screen savers or anything that relates to that screen, So I don't have a clue on why that happened.

    I went to system preferences/security and everything is ok there. I even deleted the message and then wrote it again to see if that would solve the problem, but it didn't. And it looks weird. I googled this but couldn't find anything. So I'm wondering if anyone had this problem before, or knows about it.

    Help! Thanks...
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    Wasting your time

    Just grab Lock Screen pretty much changes the way you use your Lock Screen.
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