messages disappeared when trying to back up IMAP acct in!

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    My IMAP account at my alma mater is being deactivated tomorrow, and I'm trying to download the messages to local mailboxes on my Mac (I'm using I tried to copy my sent mailbox by dragging and dropping it onto another mailbox, but most of the messages were not transferred and they're gone from the original mailbox. My school's tech support warned me this could happen if I tried to transfer more than 500 messages at once, but it was 488 messages.

    It looks like I'm out of luck, except that before trying to transfer the mailbox, I selected the whole mailbox and copied with Apple A and C. The mailbox is still in my clipboard b/c I can copy it into TextEdit, but when I type Apple V when I've selected a mailbox in, nothing happens. I still have all 7 MB of the contents of the mailbox in the Clipboard. Is there any way I can get it into Apple Mail?

    Can anybody help me? I'm also concerned about how I'm going to download all my other messages by tomorrow :(

    thanks! :)
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    In Mail's Preferences, head to the Accounts section and in the Advanced pane, ensure that All Messages And Their Attachments are Kept For Offline Viewing. This should then download all your messages to the location listed about this pull-down menu, which is the Mail folder in your Library by default. Back up that folder and you should be fine. Test this by creating a new account in Mail (perhaps under a different user account on your computer) and importing that folder full of your emails. :)

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