Messages failed to send iOS 8


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Sep 14, 2011
I am consistently getting an issue where messages tells me that photos fail to send. I know they are actually sending, because the recipients respond to the photos. However, about 15 minutes after sending them, I get an error that the messages were not delivered.

Anyone else getting this issue?

This started to happen on a regular basis after upgrading to iOS 8 on my iPhone 5.


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Jul 17, 2012
New York City
I was getting this when I was using the ios 8 betas. I don't think Ive run into this issue since the GM

I agree it would be annoying. Sometime I would send the same message up to 3 times because it would say it failed to send. and they would complain saying I was spamming them


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Sep 20, 2006
So it's a service issue not software or hardware? I just didn't notice it when I had my iPhone 5 or any of my android/windows phone. I'm just hoping its software so it would get fixed.
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