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    EDIT: Never mind...a little more internet searching finally answered it.

    Ever since my wife upgraded to Mavericks, we had a few issues here and there with messages going to random locations.

    Now that I have upgraded as well, it's driving me absolutely insane. When I'm at work, we tend to chat (each using AIM names) from our laptops. But now, being that messages wants all messages to be everywhere all the time, she'll send me a message and sometimes it goes to my phone, sometimes to my laptop, sometimes both. They all end up everywhere. Sometimes I type a message to her and her phone buzzes. It's complete insanity.

    Is there any way to simply make our messages app on the computer talk ONLY to the the other's messages app on their computer (and phone to phone), or do we need to find another app?
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    On your Mac, the box you type your message in (before you start typing) will show you how the message will be delivered [iMessage, AIM, etc].

    If you want to change the delivery method for that message, you can click on the contact's name in the To: box, and it will show all of the available methods for that contact.

    Personally, the method that I use 99.99% of the time is iMessage. Occasionally I'll use AIM. My guess is that if you have an AIM conversation going with someone that also uses iMessage, if you ever go to send them a message and they're not signed into AIM, it's going to sent the message via iMessage. Kind of like how when you send an iMessage on an iPhone to someone and it can't be delivered, it gets resent as a text message.

    If AOL still makes it, maybe you could sign out of AIM in Messages on the Mac, and use the stand-alone AIM app?

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