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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by TVtheTiger, Oct 4, 2017.

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    So one of my bosses with an iPhone just stopped by. He showed me that when he is in iMessage and goes to start a new message, he types in, for example, DONALD on the TO: line. The first 6 options that pop up are all Group Messages that include others and Donald. He has to scroll quite a bit in some cases to JUST find DONALD. Is there a way to turn that off so it only searches CONTACTS and not... messaging history or wherever it's getting that from? The part I thought was odd is that he keeps a lean Inbox. Messaging are only kept 30 days. He has like 20 active conversation and nonof those group ones that pop up-.
    Hope I am explaining this clearly?!?

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    If he’s in iMessage and searching for someone then it’s natural for the phone to search everything relevant, isn’t it? There’s no specific setup like that if he types the name in the TO then it only searches contacts for me.
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    You can delete various suggestions (like those group ones) so they won't show up in the future. Beyond that there's not much that could be done. The strange thing is that typically the individual contact should be the first suggestion followed by various group ones (that's how it works on my phone), not sure why it's not like that for some others, unless they perhaps mostly use group conversations and iOS thinks those are the more likely matches because of that.
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    Thanks guys!

    @Akash: he's not Searching, he's trying to start a new conversation.
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    @C DM: Yea, I just don't get it. For some contacts, the contact info is the very first choice. But for others, particularly his brother it's just SCROLL SCROLL SCROLL past ALL these groups to find that contact. I showed him he can delete them but for this one there are A LOT of groups...

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