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    Dec 10, 2005
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    I have a mac and my friend has a pc. we would like to be able to do video/audio chat. I have seen skype and we are going to try it out. but what we really wanted was to be able to use our msn accounts to do the video/audio chat. my friend has msn messenger 7.5 and that lets you use a webcam etc... but I have seen nothing for the mac. I have tried aMSN and Mercury but they don't let you do audio chat with a webcam. I have an isight and know that it has a built in microphone so it must be possble somehow. please help me!!!
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    Currently not possible. AIM works sometimes but is not really reliable. Your only options to do video AND audio chatting at the same time is waiting for Skype to offer video because MSN will never support that natively.

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