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    Oct 8, 2007
    Hi there,
    I am very new to macs, I really need help with this. I managed to connect to my internet through a cross over cable going from my emac to my router which is connected to my cable modem and PC. I have been trying to get the epson dx 6000 printer to work through this wire also. It did print from the mac but it printed some strange computer speak. I thought that may be to do with ms word program compatability but then I decided to use the mac network assistant. It changed all my settings and now I cant get them back, I dont know how as I know there is no system restore. Please help.
    Nikki :eek:
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    Since nobody else has chimed in, I'll take a crack.

    Since your setup is an eMac, PC, and modem plugged into an ethernet router, you're probably going to want to use pretty much stock DHCP for network settings.

    System Preferences --> Network --> Built-in Ethernet

    Under the TCP/IP tab set Configure IPv4 to Using DHCP
    Under the PPPoE tab, uncheck Connect using PPPoE
    AppleTalk shouldn't matter and Proxies are probably set ok.
    Make sure Ethernet is set to Configure Manually.

    When you've made all those changes, click "Apply Now" at the bottom. At this point, you should be able to connect to the internet. If not, check what you're seeing under the TCP/IP tab and post it here.

    As for your original problem with that Epson printer, I don't know anything about that model, so I don't have any suggestions--sorry.

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