Messenger clients for iPhone [Blackberry Messenger, MMS, or Instant Messengers]

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by I'm a Mac, Jun 9, 2008.

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    I'm not sure if this rumor is true or not, but I heard that RIM hired people to bring BBM to the iPhone.

    If not, is it possible to get the source code for BBM? How hard would it be to port code over from the Blackberry platform to the iPhone platform?

    Also, does anyone know of/ plan on developing an MMS client. Would it be possible to receive MMS in that program and NOT HAVE TO GO TO VIEWMYMESSAGE.COM [UGH]

    Oh yeah, I know that there were some nice IM clients for jailbroken iPhones, but what about for the app store? Would it be hard to port code from the apps or has anyone heard of any big-name companies creating an iPhone IM client? [I was disappointed not to see iChatMobile at the keynote]
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    Jul 12, 2008
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    I'm not sure that anyone will be able to do a true MMS app. I'm pretty sure that AT&T profiles the capabilities of each model of phone, and the iPhone is setup at AT&T as NOT supporting MMS. That how AT&T knows to send the txt message notifying you when someone send you an MMS.

    The issue is that the MMS never really gets to your phone - AT&T intercepts it and sends it to the web site.

    Only thing I could think of is to try to retrieve it from the web site from the info in the txt message notification. If you could access the text messages on the phone, I suppose you could pull out the info and try to retrieve the image...

    I'm no expert in this, but that's my thought...

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