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Sep 13, 2014
Philadelphia, PA USA
First off credit goes to Rasmus Nielsen at , Free download here , he created a basic Apple Watch face to be used as a screensaver.

Figured I would try and play with it and it was pretty easy. When you download the "Saver" file, click CTRL+Click to get the menu, click SHOW PACKAGE CONTENTS. PNG image files are located in the RESOURCES folder. Edit these in any Photo editing program. (The San Francisco font or the very similar "Roboto" font is on the net - do a simple google search) Few little edits and you have a Chronograph face. *Not a full working Chronograph BTW :) The Earth image I took from the "Living Earth" app on my phone.

I have to look at the other files inside the Contents folder to see how all these work. I would love to create the Animated Jellyfish as a WatchFace - Screensaver. Better yet, the Solar Face!


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