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Jun 10, 2015
Hi all,

does anybody of you know whether Metal will be able to allow a system wide 10bit per channel output to monitors? As the whole graphic system is switched, I'd assume that this just be a key feature :). Of course only on hardware which have workstation graphic cards (e.g. the Mac Pro 2013).

Thanks for your replies!


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Mar 11, 2009
Macs can already do 10bit output, but they require specific (older) GPUs and a custom kernel extension override (see the Psychophysics toolbox, which we scientists use for vision research where 10bit output is essential for more details). The point is it would have been trivial for Apple to add this into their drivers (the Psychophysics toolbox developer did this himself in his free time). As it was trivial for GPU vendors to add this to their mainstream GPUs (this feature was often hobbled so it only worked in Pro GPUs). This whole area stinks and Apple has shown no interest in supporting professional users with critical display technologies. Why do you think Metal will change this attitude?
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