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    Apr 2, 2011
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    Sep 6, 2003
    I did but I chose a Susan Kare edition so I've got a little bit more of a wait. Where is a jealous smiley when you need one? :p Let us know what you think when you get yours.
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    Apr 2, 2011
    Got my watch today and am impressed, I like it!
    Couple of thoughts, impressions-
    1. I don't see an missed call or text widget as shown in the previews.
    2. Lack of directions, the web page didn't show any pictures on my iPad, haven't check with my PC to see if its my browser.
    3. I did notice my gps was constantly on when I did not pick a location for the weather widget, it did turn off once I picked a location.
    4. I like the feel of the plastic used, it's soft and not ridged like I thought it would be.
    5. Not sure if I like not having the ability to change watch bands, we will see how this holds up.
    6. Did notice the ridges inside the watch band collect dead skin fast.
    7. Don't think I can cycle through texts, only stores the last one?
    8. Took 10 days for UPS to deliver to my house, people in Australia and Singapore got theirs the same day.
    Things I would like to see moving forward-
    1. Notification area like in the preview, number of missed calls, text, etc...
    2. Golf app with range finder inputs, most apps kill my battery always looking at the phone.
    3. Different fonts and maybe ability to resize things(see other notes)
    4. Different watch faces for full screen, something professional, not fishes.
    5. Different weather widget, in 1/4 screen it seems cluttered.
    6. For calendar view, have the date and time bold so it sticks out more. It is already a size bigger, maybe one more size to stick out more?
    Overall I'm am extremely impressed. If this is only version 1.0, I can't wait to see what there is to come. Hopefully LCD manufactures will see the niche here and improve on the screens going forward. Eventually more people will get involved on their web site(it needs an update, is rough on the eyes) and develop some really cool apps for this.
    It has already come in handy, the wife and I had some alone time today with kids back in school, I got a call and could instantly see it was a telemarketer and not an important business call. I could stay focused on the project at hand.
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    Got mine as well and totally agree.

    Looking forward to what happens when the Mac app is released. Should be very soon they say.

    Happy thus far. Can totally see the potential.

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