Mic issue mbp16 in facetime


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Dec 17, 2019
Hi guys,

i bought a brand new mbp16 recently.

noticed one bug in facetime.
When i use Ms teams, voice calls - microphone behaves super good, but when i use either continuity from iphone in facetime to pick up a call or try to call via facetime audio from mac - the microphone volume drops to nearly 20% and i need to shout.

i see in settings that it is 100% volume, but nevertheless in facetime it never goes more than 20-30% of the bar when i talk or shout. Meanwhile in other apps - all is cool and the bar recognizes 100% voice.

is that a bug of catalina 10.5.3?

i am a newbie in macs, but more and more i see lots of bugs in mac os right now which bother me a lot (like launchpad cannot remember the placement of programs and resets the layout each restart randomly or window resize is so laggy that my razer blade 15 2018 is a super beast in comparison to mbp). Did someone experience the same? I don't think that this is a hardware issue.
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