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    Jul 19, 2009
    Hi guys

    I would just like your experience on what mouse i should buy for my nu mbp.

    I have been using a wired mighty mouse for the past 3 years and really like it. (tho i am on my third mouse courtesy of gunk in the scroll wheel). Anyways I am looking at getting a wireless mouse pref bluetooth as I really dont want an antenna in my 2 usb ports as they will be used for external hd (time machine) and iphone dock.

    So Ive had a look around and im liking the mx and vx revolution. Any idea if these will be going bluetooth? These seem great mice but what have been your experiences with them?

    Any others u can recommend? Finally the apple mighty mouse will ever be updated and shud i save myself the hassle and get that. lol

    Any advice suggestions comments welcome


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    Mar 3, 2006
    The ball on the MM is a cleaning nightmare - even the most fastidious of us get crud in there eventually, so my vote is to stay away.

    I'm using a logitech laser nano and it's much faster to wake up than the BT kensington one I had been using. The very small USB dongle on the nano makes it very easy to port around, but you do have to give up a port to use it (as opposed to BT...).
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    Apr 2, 2009
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    I recently got Logitech v470 Laser Bluetooth mouse for $25 on eBay. It was reconditioned and that is why it's 50% cheaper. But it looks great (like new) works fine.

    The issue that might be bothering, but I'm OK with it is... When you don't use it for 2-3 minutes it takes a split second to start working :). And you might get a inch or so blink of the cursor (similar to the optical mouse on glassy surface). But that happens only in a split second.

    This is how it looks like.

    There are 2 colors - blue and white... If there was silver like the unibody I would have gotten silver, but I got the blue one.

    P.S There are 5 buttons on the mouse: Left, Right, Wheel, Tilt wheel left/right!

    The last two are great. I use them for showing expose and spaces :D. Very neat! Almost like 4 finger gestures :D.
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    Didn't know Revolution was bluetooth...

    I'd recommend this Logitech, or a Microsoft. I love their peripherals, as well as their gaming console. I'm soon going to get myself an Arc!!

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