Mickey and Minnie Don't tell me the time anymore :(

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by I-Bot, Oct 30, 2016.

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    Hey Everyone,

    So I wanted to show someone I work with the feature in the Apple Watch where you tap Minnie or Mickey and they tell you what time it is but when I switched to both Mickey and Minnie and tapped them, nothing happened. It was working just fine not so long ago and I think it only started happening when I updated to the latest Watch OS, I was wondering if anyone else had this issue or if this was only for me? Also if it's only me, does anyone have a fix for it? I haven't seen a thread posted for this so I don't know if I'm the only one with the problem.
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    Check Settings/Sound and see if Silent Mode is turned on.
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    Just checking you've enabled it either in the Sounds & Haptics Settings on your Watch, or within the Mickey and Minnie Mouse Watch faces where Tap to Speak Time is selected on the your iPhone's Watch app.
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    This seems to be a bug in WatchOS 3. Despite all appropriate options being checked-off Mickey/Minnie tap-to-speak-time features still fail to work as expected. Was a problem in 3.0 and may be a problem in 3.1 but I haven't confirmed personally.

    If you google around you'll find others are having similar issues but it is resolvable. No clear indication exactly what solves it though. Examples:

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    It seems that the voices are downloaded from the Internet if the Watch is on Wi-Fi and it figures it needs it. Not sure if there's a way to force it to trigger the voices as it doesn't seem to do so immediately, even if you're on Wi-Fi.

    This had me perplexed when I first got the watch and eventually it just worked on its own. Once, I did a unpair/repair while I was out to fix an issue I had with Activity Sharing and the voice was gone again. It started working again later after I had access to Wi-Fi.

    I'm not certain if it has to redownload the voices after OS updates, but that may be the case. If so, just give it some time with a Wi-Fi connection and it should start working again.
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    Make sure you have the language set to English too.

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