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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by dontwalkhand, Jun 20, 2010.

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    Anybody use one? I was thinking about picking an M-Cell up to boost my signal strength at home. What are your experiences with one? I have heard that calls would drop once you leave your house and go say, wait for a bus outside your house.
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    There are some other posts on this subject.

    I bought one since a condo building blocks my local cell tower when I'm in my home. It gives me full coverage in my house now, but since there is no direct signal once I leave my home, my signal drops again to zero. So, for me it does not transfer.

    However, the manual says that calls that originate from the microcell will transfer to a local cell tower when you leave. The opposite is not true. If the call originates elsewhere it will not transfer to your microcell once you come into it's area.

    For me I have found there is a slight delay (up to 6 seconds) when using the microcell. This can be frustrating as you end up speaking over each other and not being able to hear. Once you figure out that it works this way, then you learn to not interrupt or talk over the other person, then it is fine. Regardless, I can now make and receive a call at home without having to forward my calls to my landline. That is worth it.

    Other threads will speak about how you are paying for the unit and using your own internet connection (at your cost) and it still counts toward your monthly plan minutes. To me, I'm just happy to be able to make a phone call in my house again (after 3 years) and that it worth $150.

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