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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by jer2eydevil88, Oct 26, 2005.

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    Feb 6, 2004
    Well today I went to buy a stick of 256mb DDR2100 so-dimm ram for a G4 800mhz Ibook notebook, I needed to render some illustrator graphics for a project and it was taking far to long with only 256mb of ram.

    I asked the guys in the PC section for help first but that was a waste as they wouldn't help find *mac* ram ( since when is a so-dimm ddr2100 stick mac only? ). After being pointed in the right direction (the opposite corner of the store) I approached a rather elderly man sitting behind his computer screen reading some sort of catalog to look busy. After some initial questions regarding my machine he found two sticks in the system, at this time he got on his walkie talkie and contacted someone else to bring the ram forward.

    I noticed the new 17" powerbook and went to investigate the new high resolution monitor in person. After a couple minutes and a few more conversations on the walkie talkie the sales person approached me and informed me that the 256mb sticks were out of stock and they had no 512mb ddr2100 sticks, however if I wanted to wait a week they could order me one.

    At this point I realized if I couldn't get some ram for this notebook I would be rendering graphics at a snales pace for the next several days. Knowing that DDR dimm's have a tendency to underclock when placed in a slower motherboard I asked the sales person to find me a stick of DDR2700 and I would just get that. He informed me they don't *bother* carrying 256mb sticks of DDR2700 instead they only have 512mb sticks. Not really caring that I would have to buy more RAM I proceeded to argue with this sales person insisting that I wanted to buy the 512mb stick even though he insisted it would not function in my notebook.

    I had to tell him I would only use it in a centrino notebook that would support it in order for him to get the guy back on the walkie talkie to get me one. Lets just say my 10minute trip to microcenter turned into an hour and I was right that the DDR2700 module clocked down and ran fine in the Ibook.

    So for anyone else with an older ibook you can get ddr2700 modules that will downclock to be useable in your notebook.
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    Aug 5, 2005
    That's right, Apple's hardware is slowly more and more standard these days. Less magic smoke and pixie dust involved time goes by

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