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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Ledgem, Dec 9, 2014.

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    I recently came across a glowing review for Checkmate from someone who claimed to be in the computer repair business. I found it, as well as the overall idea behind Checkmate, to be interesting. The number of hard drives that I own has increased to quite a number, and the idea that the computer would be checking them and their data over in the background regularly is reassuring. Yet at $30 ("introductory price" that seems to have been running for about two years), it's not exactly cheap.

    Are there any Checkmate owners on the forum who can offer their thoughts? Worthwhile, useful investment? Nothing more than peace of mind? Waste of money?
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    LOL. "Cheap" is relative, I suppose.
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    oh god. and some people think that time machine is bad because it runs every hour

    i think this is a worthless product.

    apple hardware test is free. i don't see why you need to run apple hardware test 24 hours a day.

    the computer does a quick POST ( power on self test) when you boot why do you need to run that when your computer is idling???

    smart monitoring is bogus. if your s.m.a.r.t. goes off, you will know about it. i know my windows computer will flash a warning.

    as far as smart monitoring goes. all you do is run disk utility , and check the disk. if it says "verified" then you are fine.

    if you run time machine , you don't need a program to keep checking that disk over and over. when it fails, you will know it

    if your hard drive is making the click of death sound, and it sounds like a clock, do you really need a $30 program to tell you this? i mean come on. its a waste of time. if your smart fails , then you either just buy a new hard disk, call apple to get it fixed under warranty / or apple care. or you have to run the hard disk manufacturers diagnostic software to get the error code and serial # for a drive replacement.

    when your hard disk dies, checkmate isn't going to help you. anymore then removing the hard disk to read off its serial # or using system report to read off your serial #.

    if i want to spend $30 on a s.m.a.r.t. reporter i want one that will translate their error code to seagate's error code. check warranty status, and submit an RMA all without intervention by me and to email me to remind me to send the hard drive back. that would be totally worth $30

    i think if checkmate was great then i think they would have it at the genius bar.

    when i went to the genius bar and asked about a hard disk, they installed a free smart montor / checker from the app store. i can't find it now.

    ONYX is FREE and it does more then checkmate does i think

    spend $100 for Disk warrior. it will save your life more then any other utility will
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    True enough. If the product works as it's marketed, $30 (or even the original $50) is quite cheap for what it does. On the other hand, $30 is a bit much (for me, anyway) to potentially toss away on something that might not work... which is why I'd like feedback from people who own it.

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