iPhone 7(+) Microphone Echo Issue/Apps Freezing When Using Mic


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Mar 11, 2020
Hello i got my phone about 2 years ago and this issue started happening where everytime i try to record on anything it immediately starts freezing but if i turn off and turn it back on my phone my mics will start working but if i move the phone or bump it it start repeating the last thing i said i got it on video happening ive taken my phone to the apple store and the dock they put my phone on couldnt detect my phone for some reason my phone said accessory not supported or something along those lines im thinking about getting my phone audio ic chip replaced but idk if thats the issue or not. ive tested all my mics when i restarted my phone ive tested my mic on the camera app front and back also ive tested my mic also on snapchat and ive also tested my mic on voice memo app. is the audio ic chip the issue or not also this is a 7 Plus

link to video: https://rb.gy/2ik2m8


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Mar 27, 2017
The "reboot to fix" the mic issue is common on iPhones with Loop Disease.

At this point, every symptom you've described fits with the disease.
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