Microphone for PowerMac


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Oct 26, 2003
Cardiff, Wales
Hey all,

Just bought a simple standard microphone but it wont work with my G5!? I plugged it into Line in.. and nothing!

For measure, it works perfectly on my other PCs but without another mac with Line in, I have no way of testing it on a mac... although a mic is a mic is a mic so it should be OS independent!?

Wait, I have an old iMac.. i'll go test it on there, but for now are there any software issues I'm forgetting? (For info: I used to use a crappy USB webcam as a microphone so some settings could of been changed when using, say, Skype or iChat..)



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Sep 23, 2003
London, England
The signal produced by a Microphone and Guitar is much lower than "Line in" level. You will need a preamp if you mac has only Line in. Some sound card can boost the signal from the mic to make it usable, this is probably the case on your pc. you need something like This
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