Microphone for Recording Acoustic Guitar

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by odinsride, May 23, 2007.

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    Apr 11, 2007
    Does anyone know what's a good mic for recording an Acoustic guitar? I've read condenser mics are the way to go for acoustic, and that using 2 of them give the greatest sound quality. What's a good affordable condenser mic (< $150)?

    I'd start with buying just one and eventually get the second when I can afford it.

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    This will all depend on the type of sound you want from the guitar.
    I am guessing in this case you are looking at a lighter more classical sound so I would suggest a condenser microphone with a nice flat response curve. I haven't recorded an acoustic guitar with one, but I have used a Rhode NT4 (weird looking stereo mic) to record Cello before and I have found it to be pretty good.
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    Yeah also the Rode NT5 is a great mic. They were available for $200 for a pair a year ago until they started selling like crazy. The retail price for a pair is around $500 now. :)

    You might be able to hunt and find one cheap.
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    Apr 11, 2007
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    IIRC the MXL is a decent, typical Chinese microphone - that is to say is performs as advertised and hits a price point well. It is midway between a small diaphragm and large -- 20mm most large diaphragm side-address microphones are 26mm and a bit larger (just over 1 inch).

    The listing seems to say that it comes with both cardioid and omni capsules, which is a bonus. Cardioid (unidirectional) pattern mics typically have 'proximity effect' - which boosts the bass when the mic gets close to the source (*think the super bassy "voice from doom" effect when the DJ "eats" the mic.) That isn't necessarily what you want from acoustic guitar. An Omnidirectional capsule doesn't have a proximity effect and is generally flatter in response -- of course it is also going to also record the entire room sound from 360 degrees, so you need to pay attention to the way the recording environment sounds with the guitar.
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    The AT-2020 was recommended to me as the best in it's price range, (USD$100), and I have not been disappointed. I did a quick impromptu recording with it a couple of days ago micing an amped bass and flute, the mic was put midway between the two not close to either, I expected a fairly muddy crap sound but both the bass and flute are really crisp and clear.

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