Microsoft - "No plans for retina office apps"


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Nov 4, 2010
I am an end user, and from an end user perspective, the iPad Retina was pleasing to use on the web from day one. I don't believe web developers had to make any changes to existing web sites to make the sites look nice. The same cannot be said for the MacBook Pro Retina, from reports I have read. So while the iPad Retina did not, apparently, require web sites to upgrade, the MBPR seems to.

My point was that the iPad Retina allowed existing web sites to slide by, it required nothing of current web developers. The MacBook Pro Retina, on the other hand, does require them to upgrade. And some web developers, and some companies, may decide to sit out such upgrades for the time being, due to additional costs, at least until there is a much greater retina audience.
This whole post is completely inaccurate. Please stop with all of this atrocious nonsense if you have no idea what you're talking about.