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    I recently had to call Microsoft Office for Mac support this morning because of the 14.2.4 update not working. I stayed on the phone for several hours with a very nice lady and she helped me do the normal trouble shoot problems for this issue. Unfortunately, in this case, the trouble shoot did not work and after getting a research technician we came to the conclusion that I would have to wait for the next update and that this is a problem that Apple and Microsoft are trying to resolve. I am using an early 2011 Macbook Pro i5 with 8gb of ram running Mountain Lion 10.8.2.

    NOTE: The Microsoft Office applications are all fully functional, I just am unable to update. Also if your Microsoft Word application says 14.2.4 but the latest installed is 14.2.3 and the rest of the Office applications say 14.2.3 for the version and latest installed, then your Microsoft Office will be unable to update to the 14.2.4 update.

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    Open the on your Mac.

    Type "touch" then hit spacebar once.

    Drag the App you wish to touch to the Terminal window, and it creates a path after "touch "

    Then hit enter. -- This is the command you want to issue.

    Repeat this for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook

    After issuing the "touch" command on a 14.2.4 app, they should then boot to Retina graphics.
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    A note on Macintouch said, in effect: "temporarily renaming the /Library/Automator folder will allow the update to complete," rename that folder back to Automator again after the update is complete, before running any Office application. A link provided in that same post said you should temporarily move that Automator folder to the Desktop and then move it back after the update is completed.
    I am not sure why some have this issue, and some do not. I did not have any problem running the update so I cannot verify if this works or not.
    The post above is about using the "touch" command in terminal to make the OS rebuild the plist files cache and thereby resolve the retina function not working issue. It has nothing to do with the not able to update problem the OP had.
    Good info, just not appropriate.;)
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    I'm not on a Retina MBP.
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    OMG Thanks so much!

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