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    Hi all, I have been searching here and on Google but have not found the information I am looking for.

    I have a copy of the windows version of Microsoft Office 2007 and was planning on installing it on my new 13" rMBP via Crossover as an alternative to using parallels. Questions I have before doing so:

    1. How does Office perform through Crossover?

    2. How would the software look on the retina screen? I.E. does it look bad/blurry as I doubt it is optimized for the higher resolution screen?

    3. Would all functions of the software perform as it would in Windows? Such as Excel plug-ins, etc. Also, how does the installation of plug ins work?

    Crossover sounds like a better option to me because I will not be using any other windows software and I would save a decent amount of space on the SSD (please correct me if this is not true).

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    I doubt many have used crossover to run office. According to the crossover site, it has a bronze rating, which means that it runs but has significant issues.

    For standalone apps, even some games, crossover works fairly well, but I imagine that office is expecting a lot more to be there than crossover can do a good job with. I would have to say if you are going to need office for PC you are much better off with parallels.
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    In response to the following, and to a recent question elsewhere:

    Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 performs very well.

    Office 2010: installed, but I'm not an active user.

    Point of reference

    For an idea of resources used by CrossOver 14.1.3 with one Microsoft Word 2010 document open, see the screenshots below. Please note, the peak of memory pressure was unrelated.

    The selected rows show that very little memory is used:

    2015-06-29 12-43-24 screenshot.png

    Before and after quitting:

    2015-06-29 12-43-45 screenshot.png 2015-06-29 12-45-15 screenshot.png

    (I wasn't sure whether xpbproxy was involved, until after I quit both Word and CrossOver. When I did those things, xpbproxy ceased to run.)


    2009 MacBookPro5,2

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