Microsoft OneNote alternatives?


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Aug 6, 2005

Im a soon to be Switcher (almost saved up the necessary monies - a lot of missed nights out as a student lol).

I use OneNote HEAVILY at school as a means of collecting all of my notes, research for papers etc and keeping them all in one place. The product is outstanding and an underrated jewel in the Office lineup.

Is there anything remotely close to it feature-wise that is available for OSX? Simple note taking programs are not powerful enough unfortunately.


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Sep 3, 2003
Alta, Norway
I've been looking for the same thing, but nothing I've tried come close enough for my use.

There's a few apps that's somewhat similar.. I'll see if I can dig up some links.


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Nov 9, 2004
Salt Lake City, UT
When I bought Office 2004 (for Mac), it came with a copy of OneNote. I have no idea why they gave me a Windows program as part of a Mac software package.

Anyway, Word 2004 has a Mac-only feature called NoteBook view that makes the current document look like a notebook. It's specifically for taking notes, and includes audio recording, hand drawing ("scribbling"), and other features for taking notes. I don't know if this, along with the project center in Office 2004 might be enough for you.

There are some other applications out there. Maybe the biggest one is called NoteBook, and it's made by Circus Ponies (site not working ATM for some reason). Hope this helps.

EDIT: Circus Ponies' site is working now...

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