Microsoft Paint-style app for a mac; cheap or free, downloadable

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by roisin and mac, Jul 26, 2008.

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    Hi guys, I'm posting this for my mom, who's thinking of getting a little 12-inch iBook to use as her away-from-home computer (she currently has a clunky power-scarfer of a Windows machine, and would like something easier to lug around but that is still a proper computer rather than a handheld device)

    Thing is, she uses Microsoft paint A LOT to create illustrations and images; she's fond of it precisely because of the two-dimensional feel, of the clean lines and the total lack of any effects which lets her do all the work herself, so she expressly doesn't want something 'better'. As I said, she uses this a lot, probably more than any other application on her home laptop, so anything she takes on the road would have to have that. I told her what I knew about Parallels or whatnot (which isn't much more than the very general idea), and she's open to that, but it would be a lot more practical to find something that covers much the same range of features and capabilities as Paint but for Mac.

    This app doesn't have to be free, but it shouldn't be horribly expensive either, because my mom isn't making a big plunge into apple juice or anything *groan*, more like dipping a toe by buying a second-hand machine, to get her acquainted with the OS and see if it agrees with her. But she seems quite keen on this, because she would really like the freedom of being able to take this on the road (her current laptop is a real piece of cr@p, assembled in a local chain of electronics stores, with the battery not lasting more than 20 mins from the first month or so, so pretty impractical for taking out). She was considering one of the smaller Vaios, but not liking the price at all, so I suggested one of the small iBooks or PowerBooks as suitable, after all, I know lots of people on this board still use them as their main computer, and they are definitely small and pretty light, as well as sturdy!

    Okay, any suggestions welcome! Once we've got that covered, she'll hit eBay!

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    Skitch, Seashore, Gimp, Paintbrush... there are lots

    This is asked often, so if you use the Search in the upper right corner and type Seashore and Gimp, you will find a lot of threads on this, or you can MRoogle those words

    Google for them and you should have no problems

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