iPad Microsoft product placement fails again

Discussion in 'iPad' started by dannyyankou, Nov 5, 2014.

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    Funny, but not really telling of anything. In a live environment people defaulted to their usual devices to keep up with contacts and apps they use to get their info.

    Shiny new Surface's are pretty, but if they don't have your sources loaded on them, fairly useless for what they needed that moment.
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    In the end there is enough room for Apple and MicroSoft.

    I own the latest Surface 3 Pro and it IS serious hardware for sure.:eek:

    Still love my Air 2 more!:apple:
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    Mar 2, 2012
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    I know people here just enjoy hating everything, but for those who dont...

    CNN Commentator Who Used iPad Instead Of Surface Pro 3 Defends His Action

    Personally, I dont see why its such a big deal considering Product Placement has been around for decades despite the participants not necessarily being Pepsi Drinkers or Windows Users. (But if someone wants to see Microsoft really going overboard then watch Hawaii Five-0. They've taken product placement to the level of pure hilarity. Constant flipping of the kickstand, over-the-shoulder shots of the Lumia interface, always starting searches from the Metro screen. Its like playing Wheres Waldo while watching TV.)

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