Microsoft software for Macs - how did you go about getting them?


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Jun 2, 2005
I got a link to these forums from a mac-fan friend, so I figured I'd pose a quick set of questions that I've been tossing around in my head.

I just converted from PC to Mac (woo Powerbook!), and having come from PC land I am yearning for some of the familiar software (MS) and for exploring new stuff available to me, but I am totally clueless on how to go about learning about programs for Macs. So, if anyone would be willing to answer some basic newb questions I'd appreciate it...

1) Where is the best place to see what all MS/anyone else offers for us?
2) Where is the best place to buy MS, or any, software for Macs?
3) I am probably going to buy Office - for those that have it, how did you go about choosing it, getting it and did you consider any alternatives?
4) Since I'm coming from PC land, do the Mac versions of MS stuff (or other PC software) differ greatly from one platform to the next?

Thanks everyone, looking forward to your responses.

First of all welcome to the world of Macrumors.
1. People here know a lot about different Microsoft and non microsoft products, they will be happy to give you their opinion on alternative products if you wish.
2. is a good place to buy Microsoft software, its gaurenteed to be Mac compatible if it comes from Apple
3. I have MS Office Student and Teacher edition, its exactly the same as MS Office with a few student additions, the Mac version of Office is very stable from my experience and works seemlessly with PC versions of Office. If you are a student or have kids that are in school you can quailfy for the Student and Teacher Edition it is a lot cheaper and has a 3 clinet lisence included, its a bargin.
4. The Mac versions do not differ a lot, they are usally more visually pretty, and may have some additional features, but they will not be alien products to a person who has used them before, they are also probably a bit more stable on the Mac platform


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Apr 30, 2005

Microsoft's mac website.

I've bought microsoft software for mac from

One thing to note about office though. There is no Microsoft Access or Publisher in the mac version and the email software, Entourage is limited in it's groupware integration with exchange.