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Feb 8, 2002
Yahoo has a link to an article which begins as follows:

WASHINGTON (AP) - Microsoft's new version of its popular Media Player software creates a list of the digital songs and movies each computer user has played - a potential treasure-trove for marketing companies, lawyers, even snooping spouses.

Here's the link:

(Side note: I couldn't find this newstory anywhere on MSN.)

Is it just me, or is Microsoft getting really scary? I've been thinking about abandoning PC's and switching to macs, but have yet to completely give up on what you call the MHz myth. Now that I know MS is stealing my personal information, I'm far more likely to do so.

Apple needs to actively advertise that their machines are fast (faster than the numbers show), effecient, and that their software doesn't transmit your user habits to Bill Gates.

Man, I'm mad at my computer and Windows right now.

Anyone out there want to trade their Mac for my piece of crap pc?



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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
I saw a news story while I was in the bank this morning on this....

it doesn't surprise me in the least....Microsoft is going to be "Big Brother" when the govt. has complete site over what we do as citizens in this country in the future....just wait and see... :eek:


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I can see it now.....

Newscaster: I business news today, Microsoft has bought the United States Government, and are renaming the USA to Gateway country. There is a reward out for Steven Jobs, Jonathan Ives, and any other Apple employees. They will form the cabinet to William Gates's dictatorship, because we all know Gates can't come up with an original idea to save....

(The newscaster is drug off camera, and after a brief period of static, Bill Gates informs us that every thing is under control)

Different newscaster: Sorry for that interuption, let's go to Joe now for out weather report.....

:p :p :p :p


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Aug 1, 2001
Santa Cruz Ca
Guerrilla Mac User.

That dictatorship'd last about 10 seconds before getting the Hacker equivalent of a full Nuclear exchange. M$ is so porous it'd be like Magineux (not sure about the spelling) all over again.


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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA
I wonder...

I wonder when the think police well be comming for us Mac users. We well have to start meeting underground and passing messages on the subway.


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Aug 1, 2001
Santa Cruz Ca
Nah, if they're all on M$ we're safe.

Think about it. The most Hackable OS EVER being used for crackdowns? How many times would these idiots bust their own Kin before figuring out they'd been had?

Not like they could speak out against the stability and security of the State Product..........:D


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Sep 18, 2001
Denver, CO
It's not as bad as all that...

I read the entire article. The information they are collecting and storing in a list on the user's hard drive is... CDDB listings for CDs you've played through WMP. Show me a media player that DOESN'T do this (and I'll show you a media player nobody uses). The reason it seems to have caused a stir now is that WMP8 does the same thing for DVDs you play. The journalist immediately thinks, "oh my gawd, it remembers those pr0n DVDs I watched," has a fit and writes a paranoid article about a nonissue.

Not that I'm defending Microsoft, but that's just a ridiculous article.
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