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Dec 3, 2016
Malaga, Spain
I have been using the Air M1 Base Model to replace my 16" due to the frustrating experience of connecting it to external monitors. I found that most of my tools are Apple Silicon ready however Teams and HDB Studio and the only 2 apps that I'm still emulating via Rosetta.

However Teams is just absolutely crazy in terms of Helper processes and how much RAM it uses when compared to any other program out there. I mean this is no surprise to anyone but look at this


Anyhow the base model has been more than enough for me, I'll paste below what it usually looks like for me. I'm usually connected to an external 3440x1440 monitor alongside working with Tabs on Safari/Edge and a mix of HDB Studio, Visual Code, Terminal shells and a couple of office suites



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Jan 6, 2008
Near Preston, UK
Wow, that is bad and I thought 600Mb in the Windows version was wasting a lot of memory. Agree the web based version is rubbish (not a much of a fan of the application if I'm honest)


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May 18, 2017
Austin, TX
If it's any consolation Teams uses 900MB on my Intel iMac as well. Then again I personally don't care. Teams does so much these days and is so immensely useful in communicating with my team that it's worth every bit of RAM it needs.
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Oct 5, 2020
As I've said in numerous other threads here.

Teams and OneDrive works just as bad on M1 as on Intel macs. But they do work and to be fair to Teams it works without flaw (function wise), that's more then what can be said about OneDrive.

On a plus side with Teams my M1 Mini does not try to self ignite when in meetings unlike my Windows laptop.
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