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Apr 12, 2001
This CRN article reports that Microsoft is acquiring Connectix:

The software giant, which is expected to formally unveil the deal Thursday, will use the technology to allow customers to carve out multiple partitions on a single Intel-based server, allowing them to run multiple instances of a single operating system and multiple workloads.

While Microsoft seems most interested in Connectix's Virtual Server software, which allows multiple instances of an operating system to be running... Connectix also publishes Virtual PC -- a Windows emulator for the Macintosh platform.


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Jan 30, 2003
Well they will get theirs when Apple releases OS X for the intels.
First post?


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Jul 23, 2002
bye bye Virtual PC for mac. It was nice knowing you.

MS will likely not kill it outright, but don't expect much support for it and no VPC 7.0


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Feb 13, 2003
Chicago, IL
I'll be really bummed if they discontinue Virtual PC for the Mac.

Oops. Been said already. So much for "0 comments" on the home page.


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Feb 9, 2003
Durham, NC
Bungie all over again?

Not that it's a great comparison, as Connectix was never a Mac-only company, but it just seems that the Beast of Redmond is looking to swallow the one company that ensures the Mac can work with every single PC-only application that is used in the workplace (*ahem* Access *ahem*).

But, no, Microsoft doesn't have, use, or take advantage of its monopoly. Not at all...


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Jun 20, 2002
Look at this another way ...

Every sale of a VPC unit equals a sale of a Windows license. Why should Redmond stop that? Gates may decide to turn all of the macworld into "Switchers" by accelerating the development of VPC.


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Jan 28, 2003
Anyone else reminded of the whole Sony/Connectix Virtual Game Station buyout?


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Sep 10, 2002

From MacCentral

Microsoft acquires Virtual PC from Connectix
by Jim Dalrymple,
February 19, 2003 2:50 pm ET

Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday announced that they had acquired Connectix Corp.'s Virtual PC products, including Virtual PC for Mac, Virtual PC for Windows and Virtual Server. Microsoft also hired many of the Connectix employees that worked on the products to continue development.

"What this means for Mac users is that Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU) will be responsible for supporting and shipping all current versions of Virtual PC and development for all future versions of the product," Tim McDonough, director of marketing and business development for the Macintosh Business Unit, told MacCentral.

The MacBU has made several announcements recently for Mac users, including forthcoming support for Exchange servers in Entourage and MSN for Mac OS X. Development of the next version of Microsoft Office is also ongoing, something McDonough says shows the ongoing commitment of the MacBU to the platform.

"This is just another sign that we're committed to the Mac by broadening the products we bring to the platform," said McDonough. "This is a product we will continue to offer and improve."

McDonough said that the acquisition of Virtual PC fits in well with the MacBU's strategy of offering Mac users compatibility with their Windows using counterparts. Applications like Microsoft Office allow near seamless integration between platforms and the MacBU will work to make Virtual PC work even better with the Windows OS and Windows-based Microsoft applications.

"This fits very well with how we look at our strategy -- this is all about compatibility," said McDonough. "Our products are all about letting Mac users be compatible with people running Windows; this is a natural extension of that strategy."

While Microsoft has no immediate plans to change Virtual PC for Mac, they do have a development team, marketing and planning teams already in place and are evaluating the product line. Microsoft is looking at the current product roadmap from Connectix and will decide where to take the product at a later date.

With the inclusion of Virtual PC into the product line of the MacBU, Microsoft will now support the Virtual PC application, the operating system that runs in Virtual PC and any Windows-based Microsoft applications that run in Virtual PC.

The goal for the MacBU is to have seamless compatibility between Windows and Mac OS X, according to McDonough.

"We think this is a great thing for the future of Virtual PC," said McDonough. There is probably nobody better than the Mac Business Unit at Microsoft to bring Windows onto the Mac."


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Nov 30, 2001
Re: Look at this another way ...

Originally posted by QuiteSure
Every sale of a VPC unit equals a sale of a Windows license. Why should Redmond stop that? Gates may decide to turn all of the macworld into "Switchers" by accelerating the development of VPC.

Sure hope you're right. I'm still torn over the fact that Bungie is now owned by M$.

BUT. The deal hasn't been announced yet, and may not even happen... Let's keep our fingers crossed.

[edit: DAMN, didn't see rafaelperini's post....]


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Dec 1, 2002

God damn it are microsoft just trying to buy out every good company there is? ugghh they annoy me....


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Oct 21, 2002
Yeah I am going to pick up my copy quick. Because without Virtual PC Apple will have less switchers. (There is always one custom App that the PC user has to have. And Virtual PC was always my Ace in the hole.)


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Jan 6, 2002
Oh crap

This means that the same MacBU that brought you the glacially slow IE, and Office X with its 32 character filenames, will be maintaining this app which is a key trojan horse for Macs into Windoze offices.

I don't see any strategic reason for M$ to continue to allow Mac users to run Windoze apps. I think they'll EoL it.

But didn't there use to be other x86 emulators - SoftPC rings a bell. I wonder who owns them now, and if they could be resurrected?


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Dec 18, 2002
Re: ughhhh

Originally posted by Jaykay
God damn it are microsoft just trying to buy out every good company there is? ugghh they annoy me....

sure ... but if Apple bought it, everyone would be stoked.


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Jul 17, 2001
Why is everybody freaking out? The Mac BU which, despite some issues, is actually one of the best units at MS, is going to be absorbing the parts of Connectix that were working on virtual PC beforehand. If anything, this is POSITIVE, as it means MS will have more ability to optimize the function of Windows under Mac OS X.

Yes, Microsfot is The Beast, yadda yadda. But not every acquisition is the end of the world. Remember -- Microsoft and Apple have a pretty decent relationship, MS owns Apple shares, etc. Microsoft needs Apple, because Apple innovates, and MS copies. Without Apple, MS will have nowhere to go -- they would be stuck at Win XP for the rest of time.

I can see it now... Win XP, Bicentennial Edition! heheh


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Jul 17, 2002
Dubuque, Iowa
Worst case: MS cans Virtual PC. Plan and simple

Best case: Microsoft's BMU uses their knowledge of Windows and MacOS X to fix the short commings VPC. Of course with MS pricing policies it will cost close a grand.

Personally, I'm a pessimist on this issue.

Doctor Q

Staff member
Sep 19, 2002
Los Angeles
Virtual PC is at risk since Microsoft may or may not decide to kill it, based on their interests, not ours. Ironically, Microsoft is also the best-positioned company to keep it up to date with new Windows releases and to make sure it works with Microsoft's Windows applications. If Microsoft did kill Virtual PC, that would open up the market again and another company willing to do the development or buy the rights could step in, so we'd eventually end up back where we started.


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Sep 8, 2002
The Netherlands
Windows only version of office >>> VPC required ???

This can't be serious....
Why would M$ want to do this? They earn money already off it don't they?
Do they want to control the software capable of running on VPC?
Or do they want to stop Mac Office.... Make you buy MS VPC with MS Windows, which will be including MS Office 2000 Personal Edition (need to buy an update for Office XP Pro = + $300)... for a "mere" $ 1.000 ?

CAN'T THEY LEAVE ANYBODY ALONE? *^&&*)*^&%$$%$ !!!!!!
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