Microsoft warns journalist: Do not use or mention Apple products at our events

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    Microsoft warns journalist: Do not use or mention Apple products at our events

    "Probably still reeling from all publicity around these shots, Microsoft reportedly told journalists gathered for a company press event in Germany not to use or mention Apple products," Chauncey Dupree reports for 9 to 5 Mac.

    Apple Macs reigned supreme at Microsoft's Mobius 2009 last month:

    Dupree reports, "Our German is a bit rusty and Google is even worse, but according to Handelsblatt and our bad translation: 'While at a Windows Mobile 6.5 demonstration in Munich, Germany a journalist was warned by a Microsoft spokesman not to mention or use Apple products...since it was a Microsoft event the journalist had previously told everyone that he had never owned an easier to use cell phone than the iPhone.'"

    Dupree reports, "Now, you can say what you like about Microsoft's huge market share - not just in terms of PC sales but also in virus and Trojan horse production - but even in Apple's darkest days we don't think Cupertino ever insisted on no mention or use of Microsoft-powered products."

    MDN take:

    If Microsoft bans Mac- and iPhone-toting journalists, their events have very little coverage and none of it smart.
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    Some do this overtly. Some covertly.

    Reminds me of that iPhone show where Apple first showed a slide comparing available applications by mobile OS... and left off Windows Mobile because it would've made the Apple App Store look less fantastic at the time.
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    Interesting photo. Macs out numbering PC's at a Windows convention.:cool: Very interesting that out of the 25 attendees, 13 were using OSX.:D:D:D

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