Microsoft Word Crashes on Any Use

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    Jul 23, 2009
    Many frustrating days of research has left me an unresolved software issue with Microsoft Office 2008. I have downloaded all updates and service patches. I have restored permissions. I have cleared caches. I have deleted font folders and restored original fonts. Every option on every forum has left me in the same spot - Word crashes on any use within 10 seconds of startup. Excel (on another system) is doing the same thing - I'll address that on another post.

    I've seen someone post that they had a way to analyze my crash log so here it is in the hopes that someone has a pointier head than I do and can steer me in a direction that will provide me a formidable solution.

    Please see attachment for crash log. Pasting it here exceeds the maximum character limit.

    Drinks are on me for the winning solution :)

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    Jan 25, 2004
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    I looked at your crash log, and it looks like an important file in your Office 2008 folder has gone missing. I'm sorry to say, but the only fix for this is to uninstall Office and reinstall it.

    This file could go missing for a few different reasons. They include:
    * You used Time Machine to restore Office to a previous version.
    * You used the Migration Assistant to move Office from your old Mac to your new Mac.
    * You manually deleted something in your Office 2008 folder.

    If you don't mind helping me out before you uninstall and reinstall, you could send me a few things so that my team can figure out what went wrong.
    * The file itself
    * The installation log

    To get the installation log:
    * From /Applications/Utilities/ launch Console
    * From the View Menu choose Show Log List
    * From the LOG FILES listing on the left --> use the disclosure triangle to display /var/log
    * From the /var/log listing --> use the disclosure triangle to disclose install.log
    * Click on install.log --> what now displays is the install log from the last installation.
    The update log will start with a line that includes the text Office 2008 12.2.0 Update Installation Log. I would like everything from that line through the line at the end that says summarizing installation. If you select all that, and then from the File Menu choose "Save Selection as", you can save it as a text file.

    If you're willing to do this to help me out, please PM me for my email address. And if you do this, the drinks are on me. :)


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