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    Jun 7, 2007
    Just changed from Word 2004 to Word 2011. I discover that Microsoft has made the default shape and lines to be this thick blue color scheme. But I use these shapes and lines some scientific drawing purposes that I always need to be black, and much thinner than Microsoft's default.

    Now, I see how to re-format the line/shape to get it as I want. And I see a "Set as default" right-click command. And do that, and it remembers the default for that particular file.

    But when I create a new document, it goes back to Microsoft's blue colour scheme.

    In Microsoft Word 2011, where are the master default settings that I can make as the base-level default setting?
  2. chadvonnau macrumors newbie

    Apr 12, 2008
    Here's the whole, overcomplicated process for setting the default style for shapes in Word 2011.

    1. Change the default shape properties.
      • Make a new shape, and adjust fill color, line color, effects.
      • Right click on shape > Set Shape Defaults.
    2. Save the default shape properties by creating a new theme.
      • On Home ribbon: Themes button > Save theme
    3. If you need to change the text color for shapes (default is white), change the default paragraph style.
      • Format > Style…
      • Select “Normal” in left pane > click Modify…
      • Change Text color from Automatic to black, or whatever color you want.
        (This will also change default text color for the document.)
    4. The previous steps have set the defaults for the current document.
      Next, save the current document as the template for all new documents.
      • Delete all content on the page, so it’s just a blank document
      • Save as "Normal.dotm" to desktop, (using .dotm format.)
      • Quit Word
      • Move Normal.dotm to ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office/User Templates/, overwrite the existing file.
    5. Finished. Now every new document you create should have its shapes set the way you want.

    It took me way too long to figure this all out. Hopefully it saves others some time.

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