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Oct 22, 2007
I was set on buying a new mac last year to replace our ole reliable 2007 24” iMac but decided to wait after nothing out of the fall.

The desire to upgrade was partly due to software support: I was running Yosemite and was getting warnings from 3rd party software that the next updates would not include Yosemite support and I thought this was the end of the line before realizing last week that El Capitan supported my 2007 iMac even though Sierra did not.

The 320GB HDD was replaced with a 2TB Seagate 7200rpm drive about 5 years ago. At the same time, system RAM was upgraded to 4GB. Everything is backup up now via Time Machine via FW800 on a brand new 4TB 7200rpm external drive in an OWC enclosure.

My perception is that that since upgrading to El Capitan, the iMac is running better than it did under Yosemite. Is it just me?

This is a home use machine, the most intensive things it has to do is playback Youtube vids at full screen. I primarily use it for a family file server, digital photo storage (family pictures via Lightroom 3.0), iTunes server to a couple of other devices (AppleTv, integrated amplifier via optical in from an Apple Airport Express, and my work laptop which is a Dell), music playback, internet, and the only new software that I install on her is TurboTax every year from Intuit (they are the ones dropping Yosemite support from next year’s package).

I don’t really need a new mac right now. At least I would rather not spend the $$$ until I have to. I like the idea of a new iMac eventually to get the gorgeous screen. At the same time, pricing for a nicely spec’d out 27” iMac feels absurd based on my uses, so I’m trying to evaluate whether that is still the right path forward or not . We have multiple iPhones & iPads in the home, and I like the Apple ecosystem. My last Mac prior to this iMac was a Power PC desktop back in 1994! A couple of questions I have, now that I’m just thinking out loud:

  1. Should I expect to see El Capitan support terminated sooner rather than later?
  2. Based on my home uses, would you be targeting something other than iMac if you were in my shoes? Macbook Pro? It would be nice to get the Mac “off the desk” occasionally, but at the same time, I love the “home theater” aspect that I can create with the iMac in my home office. My wife and I both have pc laptops, but anytime we want to do anything with pictures or other documents we head off to the home office. This isn't really an issue for me, but it is for her.

It would be nice if our next machine lasted another 10 years, we’ve been really lucky with it and I feel like it was the right choice waaaaaaay back in 2007.


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Mar 31, 2015
1. Impossible to say because only Apple knows it. In theory its possible Apple will support El Capitan longer because it is the last OS supported by many older Mac models but I wouldn't bet on it...

2. Given your modest needs new iMac would be a overkill, even Mac Mini should be able to handle your needs.
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