Mid-2009 MBP Upgrade Advice Wanted

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Gmas, Mar 31, 2015.

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    So I have a mid-2009 MBP (Model Identifier 5,4) that I've been totally happy with, especially since it has the matte screen I really like. Since installing Mavericks it has become noticeably slower however, particularly taking a good amount of time to warm up to a useable speed from a sleep.

    I've debated replacing it but figured adding some RAM and an SSD might get me another year or two out of it, as well as make it more useable as a second laptop around the house once I do upgrade.

    For the upgrades I've tried to do all my own research, but don't know a ton so am just looking for people to confirm that these indeed look like good options, and maybe shed some light on why if they're not.

    For an SSD, I found a good price on the Samsung 850 Pro 256GB
    This appears to be a popular option and sounds like it should fit and work okay inside my MBP. It doesn't appear that I need any particular variant or MBP specific version of this either?

    In Activity Monitor it looks like my RAM is usually maxed out with the pressure graph so figured I'd take it from the stock 4GB to 8 GB. I read up and it seems like Crucial and OWC are popular options so was going to go with this: Crucial 8GB

    I'm quite confident that's the proper RAM however the Crucial site seems to have multiple options/Model #'s of RAM with literally identical specs so again, just wanted to be sure.

    I know I can always return if things don't work out, but was just trying to avoid having to do that and the 15% restocking fee most spots have on this stuff here.

    Thanks for any help or confirmation people can provide! :)
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    Get the 850 EVO instead. Your 2009 won't take full advantage of SATA III SSD speeds with a SATA II connection, so might as well save a few bucks and get this one instead.


    8 GB of RAM from Crucial or Corsair is good, too. I have both of these upgrades, and they work really well.
  4. JTToft macrumors 68040

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    - Agreed. Unless the 10 year warranty of the 850 Pro is a priority (as opposed to the EVO's 5 years).

    And no, you don't need any specific Mac or MBP variant. Any SATA SSD will work.

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