Mid-2010 15" i7 MBP Clicking/Creaking Noises...

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by zer06ame, Sep 7, 2010.

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    Aug 28, 2010
    Hello all!

    I've been searching various threads and boards for others with this issue and haven't found anything definitive.

    Now before I explain; this is NOT an SMS click or anything to do with the hard drive.

    I was having performance issues with the i5 model so Apple waived the 10% restocking fee and let me buy the i7 to replace it. I was very happy with the i7 for the past week I've owned it but now I'm annoyed to notice a huge creaking/clicking problem with the case.

    I had been using my i7 the past week almost exclusively via mini-port on an external screen with mouse/keyboard and now that I've been using it off, whenever ANY pressure at all is applied or removed from the "palm rest area" it makes a very loud and noticeable creaking/clicking noise.

    It does it literally every single time pressure of any sort is applied/removed or if I hit a chicklet key with any real force (as in typing quickly).

    Now, I don't want to nit pick but the i5 definitely had no issue such as this and I definitely expect a much better build quality than this from a $2,200 laptop. I did notice it when I first opened it up but I thought it was just an SMS click/hard drive noise until I've been using it as an actual laptop the past few days.

    I made an appointment with the Apple Store I purchased it from for tomorrow and will have them replace it free of charge (it's only 8 days old...) but want to know how many others have had the issue and what you did/what Apple did to resolve the problem.

    Thanks for the replies!
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    Aug 28, 2010
    Update: MBP i7 Replaced with new unit

    Hey everyone!

    I just figured I'd give an update about the situation. I couldn't get in for a Genius Bar appointment on Tuesday so I made one for the following day at night when I'd be able to make it over. Sadly, the creaking let up a lot although was still audible once maybe every 5-10 presses on the body or track pad.

    I thought this might happen so I recorded a video of it happening Tuesday as proof if I got your average grouchy "genius" (which I did) who wouldn't believe any of my claims.

    Before going in, I also noticed that the screen wasn't aligned properly and was rubbing against the frame. It was making a crackling noise and maybe one in three closes the "flex noise" would accompany it at the same time.

    I went to the store and met my tech who off the bat was impolite and frankly quite rude. I understand the average person with problems coming to the Genius Bar might not know much but there's no reason to be rude, especially when you wrongly assume them to know less when they clearly actually know more than you.

    After cutting me off with irrelevant questions he finally let me explain my issue. He dismissed the case creak saying he couldn't hear it in the store (as if you could hear anything with 35 customers around...) and tried to explain it as a regular MBP sound that I "should hear."

    He tried to say it was a hard drive noise which I completely called out and said it was a uniquely different sound than the SMS click. I asked him just to feel the difference between the floor unit and my unit and he said, "hahaha do you really think we put special models out on the floor? They are the same as retail, straight from the box." That's when I decided I'd basically had enough of this guy and his "know it all" attitude.

    I suggested it could be the ground inside that provides some flex (tutorials have been posted) and he said that "no such thing exists inside a mac." I had to laugh at him and ask him he wanted proof of both claims via a picture of the component and the video of my creaking. He dismissed both was a snobby "no."

    Next up was my clearly misaligned screen which he claimed he "couldn't hear the sound." So I made him take it in the back and check it out. He came back and said it was within regulation, although wasn't aligned properly, and shouldn't be replaced for that reason since it was within working order.

    I then told him it was ~9 days old and I had already had my i5 replaced with the i7 because of poor performance and that this is completely unacceptable for a unit so young that is $2200.

    He went and grabbed the manager who came over and very kindly said he wanted to make it right and would give me a brand new unit because of my issues.

    They swapped my creaky, poor quality i7 for a brand new one in the store. The manager was VERY polite and honestly recovered the poor image of Apple the technician was creating. It was probably some of the best customer service from that point on that I've ever dealt with - even insuring me my iPod rebate through the store itself if the rebate center voided my payment.

    I was a first time MBP buyer and received two units that should've never made it through QC, but they made everything right and I have much respect for them now for doing so.

    Sadly, anyone who developed this issue later into ownership is most likely SOL for having Apple deal with the issue or fix it but they helped me out.

    To end this overly long post, my new i7 unit has absolutely no flex, creak, misaligned screen, scratches, scuffs etc. out of the box. There is a clear distinction in build quality between this unit and my last.

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