Mid 2010 15" MBP acting up again

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Mersailios, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Mersailios, Feb 29, 2012
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    Hi all,

    I had the logic board in my 15-inch Mid 2010 MBP (MacBookPro6,2) replaced a few months ago under TS4088 due to the screen going black and the graphics freezing and was assured by Apple that the new logic board was of a newer revision which did not have the same issues... well, since upgrading to OS X 10.7.3 I've found that I can't leave the machine up for more than a day without the video going completely berserk... and the weird thing is that I can screenshot the output and it does actually save to the hard disk so the unit isn't completely frozen when it happens but it does become unusable and you have to hard power it off.

    I've tried calling Apple about it but they want $1,200 for a new logic board even though I only had this board put in at the end of December at the Genius Bar... are the Mid 2010 15" models cursed or what? Any ideas what I can do to work around this or am I basically screwed? This has got to be the worst experience with a MacBook Pro I've had yet...

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    I had the same type thing happen. Apple replaced the logic board, and it has been okay ever since. Well, recently it has been flickering occasionally, but no garbled video with this logic board.


    Edit: Has it been more than 90 days since they replaced the logic board? Don't they have some sort of warranty on warranty work?

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    I have a 15" 2010 MBP, never encountered this issue. It could be a faulty GPU, if you go to get the logic board replaced make sure that's what is causing the issue (probably is) and not something else. It seems strange that it didn't become an issue until upgrading your OS version.. since getting the replacement board you never had this until you upgraded to 10.7.3?

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