Mid 2010 iMac dead pixel issue advice

Discussion in 'iMac' started by PeteyV, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. PeteyV macrumors member

    Feb 10, 2011
    I had my iMac screen replaced one time already because of a few dead pixels. The genius told me it was because of humidity. Anyways... I now have 1 dead pixel dead center of my screen and 2 on each corner with warranty until February 7th 2014. I just want to know what anyones success rate on getting an LCD screen replaced because of a dead pixel on an extended apple care warranty is?
  2. DeltaMac macrumors G3


    Jul 30, 2003

    There's some info about the various pixel anomalies.

    If you want to find out about the possibility of warranty coverage, then you would need to take your iMac in for an evaluation of the LCD panel.
    There is an easy answer when your display has more than the minimum allowable pixel defects. (Apple does have a maximum number of defects as an acceptable standard that varies by screen size and type)
    One dead pixel can sometimes be multiple defects when viewed under magnification. The location can make a difference. A defect in a corner might be more acceptable to you, than something in the center of the screen. Someone who does photo or video work may be more sensitive to tiny pixels than someone who creates text files.
    So - take in for service. You may discover that replacement is not in question (you get a replacement display panel), or maybe you get to politely stand your ground about a condition that is not acceptable to you.
    Or, you get convinced that your display is OK, no repair needed.
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    Feb 10, 2011
    Thank you DeltaMac, that was great information.
  4. Choctaw macrumors 6502


    Apr 8, 2008
    Some more dead pixels on iMac

    Just notice today that I have about 20 dead pixels on my iMac screen they are placed all over my screen. Just showed up. Called support they said bring in iMac and have it checked. Might be a video card or the screen is bad.

    What a deal, have bright green and red dots scattered on my screen. Don't know what to expect concerning this situation. The unit is under warranty from my purchase date of Aug 3, 2013.

    Never had that happen with the PC's screens......are the apple displays replaceable or will I be receiving a new unit.

    Just have to wait and see what the store thinks they can unload on me. Some times its just a crap shoot depending on which person is doing the evaluations.

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