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Mar 24, 2008
I only have 128gb SSD but about 23gb free. 4gb ram. I regularly use CleanMyMac or whatever it's called to clean up cache etc. I sometimes run Windows 7 x64 with parallels but the issue is persistent with or without windows.

Sometimes it takes a long time in chrome after a page loads before I can scroll. Sometimes it pauses when I open it (like the SSD is lagging and won't let me type a password for more than 30 seconds to unlock and start using).

WiFi performance is often sluggish as well with or without Bluetooth turned off. I set my home router (Cisco e3200) to set channels instead of auto (I read auto can cause WiFi issues).

Oddly enough speedtest performance is about the same between my iPad mini and MacBook Air. However, it's weird. For example I can't load on my MacBook Air (it never fully loads). It loads almost immediately using chrome and the same WiFi on my iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and PC running win 7.

I've tried uninstalling chrome and restoring and updating the OS but it doesn't seem to change anything.

Any ideas? Any programs I could use to see specifically and quantifiably determine if there's something wrong with the hardware? Or any programs I could use to legitimately speed up the computer by altering files or optimizing the system etc
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