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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by eduarte8, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. eduarte8 macrumors newbie

    Jul 13, 2013
    Question about my Macbook, guys. Something weird is happening with my computer, and I need some direction in fixing it! Basically, when my computer is plugged to the charger it runs fast and normal. However, when it's unplugged, the speed drops significantly and, for lack of a better word, lags constantly.

    Any idea of what could be happening?

  2. rabidz7 macrumors 65816


    Jun 24, 2012
    The CPU might be in turbo when you are charging and be going into standard mode when you unplug it.
  3. madmacfan macrumors 6502

    Feb 19, 2012
    London, United Kingdom
    1) Are you using the original Apple battery or are you using an aftermarket replacement.

    2) Whats your battery status showing. i.e does it say normal or does it say needs servicing or replacement, and how many charging cycles have you clocked up.

    When I had a similar issue with lack of cpu power when using my Macbook on battery power (not plugged in) I found in my case that the battery was on it's way out and a replacement cured the problem. I wouldn't trust aftermarket replacements as they are often underpowered, use a different charging technology to genuine apple batteries and can damage your macs internals.

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