Mid 2010 MBP abruptly shuts down upon starting up, waking from sleep

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Dinkhart, Apr 8, 2017.

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    My mid 2010 13-inch MacBook Pro running El Capitan frequently shuts down abruptly. I'll put it to sleep, and not long after it wakes up the entire system will die. Whenever this happens, pressing the power button fails to power up the system. The only way to power the MBP back up after it dies like this is to either reset the NVRAM or hold the power button for 10 seconds until the sleep indicator light blinks (not sure what the latter method actually does, but it helps temporarily). Once I do either of these things, I can boot to the desktop and use the computer. When I put it to sleep, the cycle starts all over again. Perhaps worthy of note are two other problems, neither of which worry me terribly but could be connected to the main problem: Spotlight refuses to search, and the battery is in "Replace Soon" condition. I've tried repairing disk permissions, for both the entire hard disk and for Macintosh HD. Thoughts?
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    "and the battery is in "Replace Soon" condition"

    Replace the battery. Go from there.
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    You may get Spotlight to search again by resetting the searchlight database.
    The simple way to do that is to open System Preferences, then the Spotlight pane.
    Privacy tab, and add your hard drive to that window (yes, the whole hard drive.)
    That will delete the search database as soon as you do that.
    Close System Preferences, then re-open to the same Spotlight pane, Remove your hard drive from that window (select that item, then click the (-) to remove it. Spotlight will now rebuild its database, which will take a few minutes to more than an hour. When that completes, your searches should work again.
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