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Discussion in 'iMac' started by c_momma_go, May 14, 2017.

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    Nov 10, 2016
    I have a 27-inch Mid-2011 iMac, 3.4 GHz i7 with 24 GB RAM, and a 5TB external drive with my iTunes Library on it. I have Home Sharing on, and stream to four AppleTV's, and sometimes a laptop or two, throughout the house. I am streaming Movies and TV Shows, mostly in Playlists that last all day, to the AppleTV's. I do very little photo editing on the iMac, because the majority of it is done on my 13-inch Retina Early 2013 MBP, which handles it much better, and is my day-to-day machine. The iMac is having some problems, mostly with the AppleTV's not being able to find the Library. I either have to restart iTunes or restart the iMac to get it to work correctly again.

    What specs should I be looking at to replace the iMac? Since it is mainly used as a media server, I don't know if I really need a high-end iMac, but I do want something that will last a good 5-7 years. I also may switch to it for my photo editing at some point, as I feel constrained with the 13-inch MBP. I hesitate to get the 21-inch, as the RAM can't be upgraded.

    My other option is to use my current MBP as the media server, and get a new 15-inch MBP for my photo editing.

    Any advice?
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    I would go towards a MacMini if its not an active use machine and effectively sits on a shelf. If you do need an iMac and you want to stream be sure to use the hardline and not wifi. Set up the wifi of course for other benefits there with. You won't be able to spec an iMac to benefit for a media server apart from basic storage options. If you have some change to burn go for the mac pro and future proof your self a bit. Does it have a hard time seeing the whole library or making a link up with the specific file on the external.

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