Mid 2012 MBP running slow (Seemingly) after ram upgrade

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by pancupcakes, Feb 9, 2013.

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    Hey everyone!

    So I recently upgraded the RAM on my MBP from the standard 4 GB to 8 GB. It's a pair of 4 GB 1600 MHz "Vengeance" sticks (by a company called Corsair) that work with CORE i7 notebooks. I bought them off of Amazon, and I HOPE they're legit. Everything seemed to work properly, and they were even recognized on "About This Mac," but after the install, and for a few days things seemed faster. However, my MBP has started to slow down.

    I work with Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro X a lot, and I've experienced issues in them, that weren't there when I had the previous sticks..
    In Logic Pro I get a -10010 Error when trying to record audio. Something about an error with my HD being slow? I have 367 GB of free space btw. And with FCP X, it's pretty much gotten to the point where I see the little rainbow of death a lot. Speaking of, I've been seeing the rainbow of death a lot, in general.

    I dunno if my issues are related to my RAM upgrade, but that's really the only significant change I've done on my MBP. The OS was up to date and everything was fine. I have this nasty feeling that the issue is some crazy thing that will make me have to reset everything :(

    Well, if anyone can shed light on this convoluted situation, I'd greatly appreciate it. I don't really even know where to begin.

    Thanks again!
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